Monday, July 30, 2012

Some Things

Hey guys!
I haven't keep you guys posted with this. So this pretty much will be a collective haul.

1- Simply Shabby Chic Misty Rose Comforter

Finally bough it! So happy it looks so pretty in my room. I had been lusting for it since last year, but it are expensive ($80 USD for the twin size) and just couldn't bring myself to splurge. They went on sale the other day $60 for the twin size. So I just took the opportunity, it was the last one at the store, so lucky!

2- Pastel clothes from Forever21

So I've seen that many places are selling very colorful jeans wanted some pink ones, but most of the time the pink is too bright. I'm more into pastels so when I saw these I got them for only $15.80. Couldn't resist for the brown pants, and the lilac thank top was on $4.80. Also who does love a kitty mirror for only $1.

3- Red wedges

These are the same as my beige wedges, but Kmart had a 40% off sale on shoes and they were only $14.99 after the discount. My other pair was so comfortable that I got these.

4- High waited shorts and minty top

Also from Forever21, bought them on another trip

5- Stuff from the Japanese market
I bought the August Issue of Popteen and Ageha ( I only bought ageha because of the free Liz Lisa cosmetic bag that came inside). I also got a nail polish set from Beauty World and the 1 day Tattoo pencil liner.
the cosmetic bag
I think that's all I've bought recently

On other announcements, I've been dedodeing. It's so fun So far I've only finished one cellphone case. But I've been purchasing supplies for more awesome decodeing.

I recently joined Instagram. If you want to follow me it is @nonony.
Here is some random photo of myself.



  1. your cell phone is really beautiful :o more than the mine T-T

  2. Hello Monica! Thanks for visiting and following my blog ^^ I love your blog, followed back ^^

    Such pretty items you got <3


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