Saturday, November 20, 2010

Purple Rain

So all of you know that Sephora held their Friends and Family Sale a couple of weeks ago. Which was 20% off the entire store. I picked my stuff, and when I was going to check out I still needed a couple bucks to qualify for free shipping. So I started looking at NARS stuff, and found that there was a nail polish with the name of Purple Rain.

My sisters favorite singer is Prince, my mom loves Prince as well, and well that's the name of my favorite song by Prince. So I looked for a swatch online, and it was love at first swatch. I was hesitant to get it because it is $16+tax, but decided to order it for merely sentimental reasons.

I'm so glad I did. The color is beautiful. Deep purple with blue undertones and red shimmer. It applies heavenly... and can you guess how many coats did I needed to get the color that opaque?... just one.
I love it and would purchase it again depite the ridiculous price tag.
You can listen to Prince's Purple Rain here


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Recent MAC purchases

I first wanted to do a a Haul video. But everyone was was so excited with this MAC collection, and everyone was doing these videos. October was a super busy month for me, but finally one class that was consuming all of my free time is over.

I got some stuff from the MAC Venomous Villains collection, and from the Liberty of London (got that stuff at my CCO). The V.V. sold out so fast online, it hadn't even hit the stores when it was already out of stock online. So the very first day the collection came out, I was debating whether to go to class or go to the MAC counter that is on campus. I decided to do the right thing and decided to go to the MAC counter.... no, just kidding. I went to class and then go the counter, and got the stuff I had my eye on. Thankfully the two things that I got were not on reserve!

The VV was basically a huge collection because they were four parts to it. All Disney Villains, Evil Queen (Snowhite), Malificent (Sleeping Beauty), Cruela de Vil (101 Dalmatians), and Dr. Facilier (The Princess and the Frog). To be honest, I was upset they did not included Ursula from The Little Mermaid, she may be fat and ugly, but she uses makeup! I haven't even seen the Princess and the Frog.
Love the pretty packaging.

Here is what the products look like, also below are the swatches.MAC Beauty Powder- Malificent- Briar Rose

MAC Beauty Powder-Evil Queen- Oh So Fair

Beauty powder have a reputation of being so sheer. A lot of people complain that it doesn't show up on their skin. But this ones are the exception, they are more pigmented, still sheer, but they do show up against my skin. Although they are similar looking, they really aren't. Briar Rose is more cooled tone, It's a more hot pink with purple undertones. While Oh so Fair, is pink a warm pink with more of a peachy undertone.

Compared side by side. You can totally see the difference.
Right to Left: Oh so Fair, Briar Rose.

The following is from The Liberty of London Collection, I think it was released in early spring this year.MAC-Powder Blush- Prim & Proper.

MAC-Lipglass- English Accents.

MAC- Cream Nail Polish- Vestral White

I Have to say that I LOVE the packaging on of this collection, it so pretty. Prim & Proper, it a gorgeous brown blush, it has a satin finish. This could easily work as a bronzer for PPP. Definately something I'm going to wear during the winter because it is very warm toned. English Accents lipglass is very stick (all of MAC lipglasses are). It is a cream finish, there is no shimmer or glitter on it, which I like. It's a pink with lavender undertones which is one of my favorite colors, lasts long and wears off evenly. The nailpolish is a failure, and I do regret buying it. Vestral White has come out before, I know it came out in the Hello Kitty Collection. It is basically a white with a little blue undertone. It is very streaky, I applied 3 coats trying to make the color more even and opaque but completely failed. I could still see my nails on certain parts, and on others I had excess.

Here are swatches on NC25 skinLeft to Right: English Accents, Oh so Fair, Briar Rose, Prim & Proper.

Vestral White will be making an appearance soon.

I loved everything, and would repurchase everything (except the nailpolis) if it weren't limited edition items.


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