Monday, July 30, 2012

Some Things

Hey guys!
I haven't keep you guys posted with this. So this pretty much will be a collective haul.

1- Simply Shabby Chic Misty Rose Comforter

Finally bough it! So happy it looks so pretty in my room. I had been lusting for it since last year, but it are expensive ($80 USD for the twin size) and just couldn't bring myself to splurge. They went on sale the other day $60 for the twin size. So I just took the opportunity, it was the last one at the store, so lucky!

2- Pastel clothes from Forever21

So I've seen that many places are selling very colorful jeans wanted some pink ones, but most of the time the pink is too bright. I'm more into pastels so when I saw these I got them for only $15.80. Couldn't resist for the brown pants, and the lilac thank top was on $4.80. Also who does love a kitty mirror for only $1.

3- Red wedges

These are the same as my beige wedges, but Kmart had a 40% off sale on shoes and they were only $14.99 after the discount. My other pair was so comfortable that I got these.

4- High waited shorts and minty top

Also from Forever21, bought them on another trip

5- Stuff from the Japanese market
I bought the August Issue of Popteen and Ageha ( I only bought ageha because of the free Liz Lisa cosmetic bag that came inside). I also got a nail polish set from Beauty World and the 1 day Tattoo pencil liner.
the cosmetic bag
I think that's all I've bought recently

On other announcements, I've been dedodeing. It's so fun So far I've only finished one cellphone case. But I've been purchasing supplies for more awesome decodeing.

I recently joined Instagram. If you want to follow me it is @nonony.
Here is some random photo of myself.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dueba Pufffy (Shiny) 3 Tones Grey

Hey guys!
A lovely reader sent me an email asking me if I was going to review some lenses I mentioned in this post. Yes I will, and this is the post ;)

I'm wearing the lenses in this picture. These lenses are the Dueba (also known as G&G) Puffy (Shiny) 3 tones in Grey. I got these from Pinkyparadise. Here are the specifications.

Diameter: 14.5
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 38%
Duration: 1 Year disposal

What I really liked about the lenses is the little yellow dots near to the pupil, if you have brown eyes like myself they will blend so well with your eyes. However I must say these lenses are not grey. On me they come out more on the blue side . 

I only have two complaints about these lenses. One of them is that they are very dry, I have to start popping eyedrops after 2 hours of wear. The other complaint is that I find these are difficult to put on. I've tried lenses that have a bigger than 14.5 and I can put them in with no trouble at all.
Natural Light
direct sunlight

They are not my favorite lenses, for some reason I think the color does not look good on me.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Skin79 Vital BB Cream Orange Label Review

Hey guys!
Today's review I is very delayed. It's one of the more recent releases from Skin79. If I remember correctly this was realased last year. It is an improved formula from the Pink and Gold labels.

The packaging is very similar to the Pink and Gold labels, except this one is orange, and the pump is gold. Even the boxes are the same.

So what makes it different?
-50+ PA+++ UV protection.
- Full coverage.
- No grey cast.
- Thicker than other Skin79 BB Creams

I initially wanted to try out this BB cream for two reasons. I've good experiences with the pink and gold labels, and the high SPF. Who doesn't want to protect their skin the the UV rays, and especially during the summer that we tend to do more outdoor activities.

Top is the Gold label, Bottom is the Orange label.
Usually BB creams have this grey cast, it eventually disappears once it blends into your skin. But this one doesn't have that grey undertone, it is legit yellow undertone and doesn't take as much time to match your skin color. However I didn't like too much the formula of this one. BB creams are famous because they are like a tinted moisturizer that requires little to no blending. This one requires a lot of blending. It is a lot thicker than the pink and gold labels and almost feels like a foundation.

Although I appreciate the high SPF, I honestly doubt I will repurchase this one. I'm the type of girl that likes easy fool-proof makeup, and this one requires a lot of work to make it look good.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tonymoly Cats Wink Mascara Review

Hey guys
Long time no reviewing anything, but I will start reviewing more often.

Not too long ago I mentioned in a post that I had purchase this mascara. I had previously read reviews from fellow bloggers about this product. Plus, I couldn't resist the cute packaging.
My cat face is faded because I carry the mascara in my purse

The product comes with two formulas:

1- Volume & Longlash
2- Curling & Longlash.

I purchased no. 1. Volume & Long lash.
Comparison of the brushes with the Cover Girl Lash Blash

My right eye I applied only one coat of the mascara, my left eye has no mascara.

I was really impressed with this mascara. I have to say it is my favorite. I never understood how people could pick a favorite mascara because for me all the American mascaras I've tried did nothing for my lashes. Since Tonymoly Cats Wink is a fibering mascara it will lenghten your lashes.

- Cheap.
- Holds a Curl.
- It's not clumply.
- Doesn't smudge.
- Watery formula, helps build up the product better.
- Only needs one coat to get great results.
- Not waterproof. It's easier to take off at night .

- Troublesome to buy. You have to buy it online if you are not from Korea, and takes time to deliver.

I would definitely keep repurchasing this mascara. I love how it makes my eyelashes look long. It has become my holy grail!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July Epic Fail

Hey guys!
So on Wednesday was Independence day. We all got the day off from work, and we planned on a carne asada at the park. Usually Americans grill burgers and hot dogs on this day, but since we're mexicans we do it our own way!

My boyfriend's sister was the one who grilled. She and their cousin got really early to the park at the Marina. We had a great view of the bay thanks to them. Unfortunately it was cloudy and cold the entire day. We're in July, during summer and no sun.

We didn't do much at the park except eat, chill and play some sports.

Here we are just laying "in the sun".

There was a family brought a volleyball net and they were playing. We asked them if we could join and they said yes. So I was so happy because volleyball is my favorite sport to play. During middle school I was on the team and I hadn't played since high school because it requires 12 people to have a match and getting that many people to join isn't easy.

I was so into the game. I was told that I was the one that gave the best serves and our friends were impressed of how I was blocking (so proud of my techniques lol). Unfortunately I had to stop playing because of this....

I bruised, and my right arm was swollen. It got even more swollen and more bruises appeared. It still is and hurts a lot but I'm fine. I can still function. Bruising is quite normal when you first start playing. It just had been a very long time since the last played so my arms were not used to this sport anymore.

At 8:00 pm we decided to go to the beach. We went to Imperial Beach because every year they have a 20 minute firework show called the "Big Bay Boom". We got a good spot despite the beach being packed. We only waited around 30 minutes for the fireworks and there was a malfunction....

The fireworks went on all at once.

 It only lasted around 30 seconds, we didn't even had enough time to camwhore. Honestly I had never seen so many fireworks at once. It was insane. Here is a video of the incident. It even made it to the national news lol.

So we were bummed out about this, it happened on all the locations at the bay, apparently due to a computer glitch.

Afterwards we just went to Denny's to eat and here is one group photo.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Del Mar Fair

Hey guys!
On Saturday we went to the San Diego County fair, better known as the Del Mar Fair. It takes place every year during the summer, but it was my first time going there. I went with my boyfriend, his sister, and his cousins.

We didn't spend a lot of time in there because we planned on leaving at 3:00 pm. but we actually left home at 3:30 and Del Mar is an hour away from where we live, we weren't able to get there until 6:00 pm. All I want to say is a big "F" word to all the people who tried to and cut the line. We spent 1:30 stuck in traffic, and a lot of people were acting dumb and even shamelessly turning on the signals because they were trying to cut the line in the freeway, like WTF it's disrespectful to everyone who has been waiting in line like civilized people. Done with rant.  

We first went to eat of course, my boyfriend's cousin was trying to get us to buy the fair specialty "totally fried" They have the most weird and unhealthy food you can imagine, totally fried twinkie, totally fried kool-aid, totally fried ice cream, totally fried girl scout cookies. We were told that they change that menu every year, and that they have had totally fried butter and totally fried bacon in the past. Just the thought of it makes me sick. I bought the most healthy food that could find there.

Chicken Kabobs
They were actually really bad, the chicken was completely dried and it didn't have any flavor. The peppers and onions were actually delicious.

 Afterwards we went to the attractions. We didn't get on too many rides because the tickets are not that cheap. Besides they all do the same thing, just spin and make you dizzy.

We got on the ferris wheel. I camwhored most of the time. But I did took some pictures of the sorroundings.

Lastly the camwhore ferris wheel photo with horrible hair.
BTW they had this attraction at the fair, it used to belong to Michael Jackson! He had it on his Neverland Ranch.
It's so unbelievable pretty, it has portraits all over, and one big crown at the very top. Most importantly it's baby pink! I so want it. We didn't go in there because it's basically an attraction that every single fair has. But I would've loved to ride it, imagine, I could've sat on a seat where MJ put his glorious butt on it.

Afterwards we just went to some attraction called g-force and tango, we just went us girls because the guys had eaten so much that they were afraid they would "throw up".

We then just went to get junk food and to the little farm to see the animals. I loved this little goat, it was the cutest thing in there.

One last photo of us with our junk food.

I did have a fun time, so probably I would consider next year going there again.

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