Monday, June 27, 2011

Gmarket Haul

So the past weeks I had been debating on weather or not to buy from Gmarket. (if you don't know what that is... well it's basically like a korean amazon/ebay thing) The clothes are very affordable (all new), and there are tons and tons to choose from. The only downside is the shipping it's quite expensive. The site, although I enjoyed it can be overwhelming. It's all in korean, but they have an option to switch to English, which is good, but all of the seller's description for the items are in Korean, thus you have to have pencil and paper by hand and a translator opened.
So I made an order two weeks ago. It shipped on the 6/23 and arrived today 6/27! All the way from Korea. Super fast.

So here it's my box!
Huge right? Actually didn't order so many things... here it's the inside

I love how they put all the pink and grey bags together. Each bag comes from a different seller.

Total of 6 bags... yay!These are the items..Faux leather quilted bag... love it! Have been looking for one for a while, but these are usually around $30 dollars at f21 and got it for around 9 dollars.Light green blouse... so pretty!

This shirt looked a little bit more pink on the stock photo but still like it.Love this one the autumn season because of the long sleeves the quality of the fabric it's superb.
This blue shirt reminded me a little bit of 500 days of summer. It's so quirky!.
This one was my biggest disappointment. The fabric it's very thin, and it kind of itches. On the model the it look pretty, but on me looks like I have a cape on, and it has this elastic bottom it's so uncomfortable! Completely regret this purchase, I'm thinking of modyfing it, but still don't know what to do yet.My favorite item for the last. I can't even express how much i like this pink lace dress. I had been looking for one for a while and found this for only $15 dollars! It reminds me so much of Denisse Guerrero (the lead singer of Belanova). Because it's like really girly and stylish like her.

So that's my haul... positive experience overall (with that shirt exception).


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sephora Ultimate Dual Exfoliating Face Brush

I've always been a little bit curious if all my skincare products are working to their full potential. A lot of people who own a Clarisonic have said that it has made an enormous difference in their skin, and that paying $200 for the device was the best money they ever spent. However, I'm still in college, and $200 for me could mean a textbook for a class. So I know that buying a Clarisonic is currently not within my possibilities. Lately i have seen a lot of dupes for it. Even Olay is selling one for $30. So on a quest for a cheaper alternative I found this.It's the Sephora brand Ultimate Dual Exfoliating Face Brush. It's $18... I was initially going to buy one that is $4 from them, but I saw from several videos on YT that it was only good for a few uses since the bristles lost their shape. This brush is very interesting. One side has the soft bristles that are meant to removed the dead skin cells and the other side has tiny silicone bristles that deep clean your pores.So my thoughts?
I've had it for 3 weeks now, and have been using it every other day and I must tell you that I love it. My skin feel so much smoother after cleansing. The pink side just feels sooo good against my skin. Best of all the white bristles have not lost their shape and they are very soft. The brush is very study and even comes with a protective cap to keep the bristles away from dust!.

Definately recommend it!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Essie Sand Tropez

This nail polish was released with their French Affair collection. It was the only one that cuaught my eye because the other ones looked too similar to other ones I had.

I think it's a very interesting color, it's a nudish brown and looks like it has a little bit of a grey tint to it. Very pretty, and ideal for everyday. However it's very sheer, needs 3 coats and does not apply evenly.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Just Got My First MAC Brush

I finally decided to splurge on a MAC brush. I had told myself before to not buy any brushes from MAC because they are very expensive. I bought it because I needed an eyebrow brush because I just started to use the E.L.F. Studio Eyebrow Kit. At the very begging I was using the applicator that comes with the product but the quality of it was really bad so I threw it out and had to buy a brush for the eyebrows.
Originally I went in thinking on buying the 208, but the lady sold me into the 266. The 208 was a little too small and basically she convinced me to the 266 because the size was bigger and it was multifunctional.
So far I really like it does an amazing job filling in my eyebrows. Totally worth the $20 plus dollars.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

ELF Studio Cream Eyeshadows

A while back I showed in a video a haul from elf. I bought these eyeshadows because I read good reviews on them. Besides that, I had been thinking of buying a Paint Pot from MAC of a Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow from Benfit for a while, but I just couldn't get myself to spend a lot of money on those.

L to R: Dawn, Eggplant

Only ordered two in Dawn (shimmering champagne/taupe) and Eggplant. I'm very pleased with the quality of these eyeshadows. I have very oily lids and nothing lasts on me if I don't use a primer. I have worn both of them without primer and they have lasted me 8 hours which is amazing considering that they only cost $3.

Swatches: Eggplant, Dawn

As you can see they are very pigmented. I recommend applying them with your fingers, they give a better application than using a brush because the warmth of your skin melts the product a little bit a makes it easier to blend.
One thing I do not like about the eyeshadow it's their packaging. It's too bulky! I would have prefer a more simple pot.


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