Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Korean Cosmetics Haul+ Big Bang Alive Tour+ 300 Followers

Hey guys!
So I purchased a few Korean cosmetics from Ebay again. But really most of them were things I needed. Only one product I purchased it to try it out.
I could officially say that Cosmtic-love is my favorite seller on Ebay. The prices are very reasonable and with free shipping+ free samples. Gotta love it!

This was everything I received
This was what I actually purchased.
Etude House Color My Brows in shades 1 & 2. (backcup)
Tonymoly Cats Wing Mascara in Volume and Longlash (backup)
Etude House My Blooming Lips-talk in BE101 (running low on my favorite lipstick, so need a new everyday one)
Tonymoly Cherry Lips Tint #1 (this one the product I wanted to try it out)

My samples were these
 Too lazy to list them all but you get the idea. I even got a face mask!

I will probaly review the brow mascara and the lipstick soon.

About Big Bang.
Remember that a couple months ago I posted about considering going to their show in L.A.
It it going to be held in the same venue as SMTOWN. I really wanted to go, until I got the email about the ticket prices ranging from $300 to $50 USD.

Since I have a debt to payoff I can't go because I need to be more responsible about my spending (those are my father's words). I told my self that this wasn't important enough so I'd pass. Maybe next time if they ever come back again.

So anyways on Sunday I woke up at 10, the time the tickets went on sale. Out of curiosity I just wanted to see the prices for each section. So when I clicked to give me the best available tickets...there were no more tickets they all had sold out within 10 minutes!

Kind of crazy if you ask me.

I would have been frustrated if I was a VIP, but since I'm not... whatever.

As a final note I want to say thanks to all of you. I reached 300 followers sometime between Sunday and yesterday.

I'm very thankful to everyone who reads my blog and comments.

Thank you so much ♥♥♥

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quest for Pink Hair part 2

Hey guys!
So for the previous part so I won't have to explain all over again click here.

So I had to bleach my hair again.I think it got darker. It got from this
To this brassy ugly yellow.
I thought that toner will solve the problem and it did. I used Manic Panic Virgin Snow.
I got such a nice color and my hair looked so nice! For some reason I thought it was not light enough, and made a big mistake. I REALLY regret what I did next.

I bleached it again, I used heat when I bleached my hair, the other times I didn't and washed it with purple shampoo...
The result.

Brittle hair, no shine, and uber dried hair. Really regret going for that extra bleach. It wasn't even necessary. My hair just feels so thin I feel it is just going to melt if I blowdry it.

I even used my Joico K-pak intense hydrator and did nothing for my poor hair.

So since I reached the platinum shade I needed for pink I went for it.

I used Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink and diluted it with conditioner until I got a Pepto-Bismol Pink.
My poor hair during the process.

So the end result looks like this.
I like how the color turned out, but I don't like touching my hair anymore. I feel like it will break.

Honestly, I'm not exactly sure how I feel after all. It might be the only time I do this to my hair (try to get it to platinum blonde), because I don't like how it looks damaged. I might cut the pink off soon, because I'm now fearing it will give me horrible split ends... I see them coming!

The sad thing is that I will have to wait to grow it out all over again. It sucks.

So I guess I could say "Mission Accomplished?"


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Liz Lisa Autumn Winter Collection 2012

Hey guys!
I've been checking the Liz Lisa online store a lot these past weeks. Little by little they are adding new items for the Autumn Winter Season. Seems like this season has a little bit of a more mature and a little less of the cutesy princessy style. There are still a lot of cute things though.

Here is their look book
I love the shirt and the pants. Not much of a fun of the big kit cardigan.
I love this look from head to toe! did you happened to noticed the tattoo tights?
 I really like the boots in this outfit. But I don't like the one piece suit.
The shoes are to die for. She is also wearing tattoo tights. The only thing I don't like is the blazer. It is cute on its own, but I don't think it goes well with this coord.
Again they are killing me with those shoes, they are so adorable I would like a pair for myself!
Shoes shoes shoes! I like the top with the asymetrical cut.

Here are some other things

 These shoes are the combo of oxfords and creepers. I personally like the ones on the right better.
These are my favorite handbags form the store. They kind of look like a cute business portfolio. I love the both colors in comes in.

I'm in love with both the shirt and the skirt. Especially like the little bow belt.

This outfit looks perfect together.

This is the blazer that I said I did not like on that particular outfit. It was a super cute behind!

What are your favorite items?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Quest for Pink Hair Pt 1

Hey guys!
So this might is going to be a two part entry. I recently decided to dip dye my hair pink. Not a bright bold pink. But more of a pastel pink. I want it exactly like these examples
Does anyone know who she is?
Himena Ousaki
 I also love mint hair, but maybe that would be next after I get tired of pink.
Lime from Hello Venus
So the thing is that I've never dyed my hair. Mother never approved of it because my natural hair color was "oh so unique, people want to have your color blah blah blahhh". So I never dyed it.

I'm kind of thankful my mom never allowed it saved me a lot of money and damage to my hair. But still I needed a bit of a change. Since I only decided to dip dye it, it's not like I have to get my roots touched up every so often. Even if I don't like it I just can cut it off and it would like like it never happened.

I did a lot of research on hot to get that shade of pink. It turns out no one really makes that pale of a pink. You have to dilute the hair dye with conditioner. Also, I found out that your hair has to be as blonde as possible, white if possible. So I have to bleach it to death.

In the process I found this chart which I thought was very helpful. Click to enlarge it.
So I went to Sally's and got everything I need it.
 -Manic Panic Flash Lightning (bleach powder & developer)
- Salon Care 20 Volume Develper
- One N Only Argan Oil Hair Repairing Mask
- Wellar Color Charm Toner in T-14
- Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink
- Generic Shampoo (Clairol Shimmer Lights)
- Gloves, mixes bowl and brush tint.

One last look at my virgin hair.
After bleaching it for 30 minutes and the restoring mask. Not much of a difference. I have to mention that I used that Wella Color Charm to get rid of the "brassiness" but it did nothing on me.

Since it is not light enough for a pastel color. I needed another round of bleach, but allowed my hair to rest for 2 weeks.

The result after 1 hour of bleach.
Now we are talking blonde
I have to mention that this session of bleach really damaged my hair. It  was so dry and felt stiff afterwards, that I couldn't run my hands through my hair.

So here is what I did to get it back to normal
- Argan Oil Repairing hair mask after bleaching.
-Argan Oil after it dried
- At night I put Almond oil on the ends of my hair
- I did not washed my hair that day
- Put more argan oil
- At night I put coconut oil all over and slept with a shower cap
- Next morning I applied the Joico Kpap Intense Hydrator mask and left it for 3 hours
- That same night I oiled my hair with olive oil

The end result was the picture you see above.

This is it for part 1.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Candy Doll Lipgloss Review Macaroon Pink

Hey guys!
A while back when Sasa was having one of those buy $19 get free shipping sales I purchase one of the Candy Glosses.

Candy Doll is a Japanese brand of makeup and it is produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka. There are 6 shades available and they retail for $11.30 on sasa. I decided to purchase the shade  Macaroon Pink because I wanted a gloss that would give the that milky pink pastel look that a lot of gyarus wear.
I usually have a little trouble with light pink lip products because at least here in the U.S. they are usually blue based pinks, and they don't look good on people with yellow undertones skin like myself. So I'm always looking for that perfect baby pink that would look good on me.
Packaging is very cute, as usual it's coming from Tsubasa so it WILL be cute. Since I've had my gloss in my makeup bag so the packaging has started to rub off.

It has a sponge tip applicator.
When I swatched it looked like it had a little bit of a blue undertone. But It somehow it works well with my skintone.
Here is how it looks on me. Tough it is not the milky pink I was looking for I really like it. The gloss is very shiny, and  sticky so it lasts a long time, and you only need a little bit.

Overall I really like it, and I would like to try other glosses from Candy Doll. The only con that I can think of is that it is not easily available in Western countries. Here in San Diego there are a few Japanese markets yet none of them carry Candy Doll. So I have to buy online, and a lot of times the swatches can be very deceiving.


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