Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Etude House Color My Brows Review

Hey guys!
So today I will review  Etude House Color My Brows. It is  a colored mascara for your eyebrows.

So as many of you know I love Etude House because they have cute packaging. They are so pink and princessy, and this one is kind of the exception. The cardboard is cute, but the product itself is not. It is a regular tube of mascara.

It only comes in two shades, #1 Dark Brown and #2 Light Brown, which is more of a blonde color. So it may not be for everyone because the shades are limited.

#1 Dark Brown was my favorite at first. I think it looks very natural with my brown hair. You have to be careful with this one because if you apply too much, you might end up looking like Helga Pataki. I noticed that when you first get it it has a very watery yet it is a little clumpy, So I have to make you I remove the excess on the wand before applying it. The more you use it dries a little bit and becomes much easier to apply. It works well on brunettes.

#2 Light Brown. At first I didn't like it. Consistency wise is the same as Dark Brown. One of the things that is very odd to me is that this one has shimmer. I've never seen shimmery eyebrow products before. Also the color is a little weird. it has more of an orange tone, but it grew on me, and it doesn't look too odd with my hair. I find myself using it more often than shade #1.

I like that both of these products are long wearing. You can literally go to be with them on and you will wake up with your eyebrows done.  Also, if you have crazy little hairs that don't like to stay in place this product will help them tame them. You also don't need a lot of product so it will last you quite a bit.

-Not too expensive
-Long wearing
-Tames crazy hairs

Don't like:
- Limited number of shades
- Have to buy online if you are not in Asia.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Liz Lisa Fukubukuro/ Lucky Pack 2013

Hey guys!
After two agonizing weeks with no internet. I finally have internet. It made me feel like those days when I was a teen and myspace was cool, and I had to log in everyday, and I would just go crazy if I didn't had any internet even for a minute. Instead this time I didn't really go crazy because I work, and have my boyfriend, have been cleaning, and fighting WW3 with my sister. Also my parents are now foster parents to two little girls. So you can tell that I have kept very busy that has preventing me from going bananas.

So last week my Liz Lisa lucky pack arrived! it arrived to my agent on the 1st, but I was waiting on another package from auctions to ship it all together, and it seemed like that package was shipped via Turtle Express. So it finally arrived on Tuesday.
Ribbon Boston Tote and Ribbon Boston Carry
Inside the Ribbon Boston Carry which is the small bag I got this.
 A pretty  white cami with bows, and check out the straps, it has lace!
 White cardigan, it was pretty lace detail in the front and the buttons are rose shaped.
This dress is so pretty, but as you can see the corduroy it is all wrinkled.

On the Boston Ribbon Tote came a total of 6 items.
A pouch, and it is so fluffy!
 I honestly love this shirt so much. The lace detail is actually warm and fluffy to the touch.
One piece, cute, but I wish top part was made out of another material because it is very warm and I kind of think this one will be difficult to wear because it is one of those pieces that are in between seasons.
Shorts. I was scared this were not going to fit me, but they do.
The piece of outerwear I got. The tag says it retails for over 16000 yen. I don't think it is worth that price because it is rather thin.
Like all the Boston Ribbon Tote there is a gift and it comes in a separate bag, I got this shirt. So unlike traditional pink and flowery Liz Lisa.

I did like what I received and I think the items are way better from last year's bag. I might make some outfits post later.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No Internet... more changes

Hey guys!
I feel so bad that I've only written two entries this entire month.Things are very hectic, and a lot of changes are happening. So long story short I will list them.

1- I'm going to take a break from college this semester.
2- Going to be working 9-5 everyday.
3- My sister moved back in with my parents (she is no longer with her husband).
4- My parents decided to foster kids again.
6- Which means I have to share a room with my sister.
7- Which means I can no longer sleep in my pink room :'( (cries*)

It is not that I don't like my sister, but she and I are complete opposites, and being in the same room means WW3. We can't get along.

At this moment I don't have internet at my house,so I'm posting this one from work. I don't have a laptop, but a big bulky desktop computer, and they have to wire all the cables to the new room. They said it would be done by this weekend.

On Monday I made sushi! My boyfriend and I  went on Sunday to buy everything, and we invited his sister and her boyfriend to help us out.
These are the rolls I made. Not too bad for my first try though. I think it took us around 3 or 4 hours to do everything. Including eating and cleaning. My parents said they were good. Though not sure if they were being nice or they thought my sushi was actually good.

I will see you as soon as I have internet!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Japanese Market Hauling

Hey guys!
So last week I went to the local Japanese markets here in San Diego with my boyfriend. A couple days later I went back with a friend and purchased some cute things.
This is the stuff I got on my trip
Eyelid glue, and Decorative Lower lashes # 3 Play cool. I haven't found a pair or lower lashes that looks good on me yet, so I will try out these. I bought the eyelid glue because, although I do have a crease, I have hooded eyes, which makes my eyelids almost look like monolids.
I bought these random things too. A sand clock and a tiny box for accessories.
Necessities for winter
Compression tights and some pencil erasers, they are tooth with cavities! My friend even bought one for herself.

Also bought this massage roller. I can be used on legs, arms and back. It actually feels so good!

That's all I bought. I my next posts will be reviews. I have so many products that I want to review so I will be more constant putting those out.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wishes for 2013

Hey guys!
I haven't been active online for the past couple days because a lot of things happened. I got very sick on New years eve. I woke up on the 31st with a fever and stomach ache. I couldn't eat for 2 days because everything I tried to eat I ended up throwing it up. It was awful. So I stayed in bed sleeping all day.  I went to my boyfriend's for a little while, but fell asleep because I wasn't feeling well. Not precisely the best way to start the new year.
I also met with a longtime friend of mine who I hadn't seen in a while. We went to the Japanese market and bought a lot of things. That will be my next post.

Don't know if you noticed I cut my hair quite short. My hair got in a really bad condition after I over bleached it. It was impossible to comb, I couldn't style it or do anything to it. I tried so many treatments but nothing worked so the only way to solve that problem was to get rid of it.
before the haircut
after haircut
After all I think short hair suits me best. It is much easier to style and dries fast. I've been told I look younger with short hair haha.

The other day I bought a bottle of wine because I liked the bottle. It had a description that looked like it was written by the stereotypical airhead dumb blonde.

They have an entire line of drinks that represent a middle sister. They have the skinny girl, the hippie, rocker and so many others.  End of randomness. 

I've been thinking about resolutions for 2013. Mostly because I feel like I need to sort out things, and I feel like a big mess right now. So my plans are to:

1- Visit a city I never been to
2- Go to Disneyland
3- Lose 10 Pounds
4- Learn to manage my finances better
5- Go back to school in the Fall.


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