Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July Epic Fail

Hey guys!
So on Wednesday was Independence day. We all got the day off from work, and we planned on a carne asada at the park. Usually Americans grill burgers and hot dogs on this day, but since we're mexicans we do it our own way!

My boyfriend's sister was the one who grilled. She and their cousin got really early to the park at the Marina. We had a great view of the bay thanks to them. Unfortunately it was cloudy and cold the entire day. We're in July, during summer and no sun.

We didn't do much at the park except eat, chill and play some sports.

Here we are just laying "in the sun".

There was a family brought a volleyball net and they were playing. We asked them if we could join and they said yes. So I was so happy because volleyball is my favorite sport to play. During middle school I was on the team and I hadn't played since high school because it requires 12 people to have a match and getting that many people to join isn't easy.

I was so into the game. I was told that I was the one that gave the best serves and our friends were impressed of how I was blocking (so proud of my techniques lol). Unfortunately I had to stop playing because of this....

I bruised, and my right arm was swollen. It got even more swollen and more bruises appeared. It still is and hurts a lot but I'm fine. I can still function. Bruising is quite normal when you first start playing. It just had been a very long time since the last played so my arms were not used to this sport anymore.

At 8:00 pm we decided to go to the beach. We went to Imperial Beach because every year they have a 20 minute firework show called the "Big Bay Boom". We got a good spot despite the beach being packed. We only waited around 30 minutes for the fireworks and there was a malfunction....

The fireworks went on all at once.

 It only lasted around 30 seconds, we didn't even had enough time to camwhore. Honestly I had never seen so many fireworks at once. It was insane. Here is a video of the incident. It even made it to the national news lol.

So we were bummed out about this, it happened on all the locations at the bay, apparently due to a computer glitch.

Afterwards we just went to Denny's to eat and here is one group photo.



  1. I love the pic of firework!!! Magnificent~~
    HongKong also had firework at 1st July:)

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  3. wow that fireworks look amazingly huge!

  4. Looks like so much fun!! I attempted to play volleyball in high school but I was really bad at it. Hope your arm is ok now.


  5. heyy sweety :)
    lets follow each others blog!! i hope we can be friends <3


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