Monday, April 29, 2013

Disneyland (Picture Heavy)

Hey guys!
On Saturday my boyfriend and I visited Disneyland Park. We hadn't been there since forever, and it was our first time visiting together. Seriously it was the perfect day to go. The weather was great, and it was not crowded like it is during the summer. We visited most of the attractions too.

After we entered the park, the first thing we did was head to the closest stand to buy some souvenirs and my Minnie ears. I hate buying souvenirs before leaving because everyone is doing their last minute shopping.
first picture, behind is the Matterhorn Bobsleds
This picture would have been so nice if the guy on the right didn't bombarded it.
Mandatory picture in the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

 Then we went to the Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones, and the Tarzan's Treehouse, in like 30 minutes. Then went to Fantasyland, we rode most of the fairy tale rides. I was overwhelmed by the amount of strollers, I had never seen so many in my life.
 Biggest peperoni ever

 Then we went to eat, and rode all the attractions from Tomorrowland except Space Mountain because it was closed, and Astro Orbitor because my boyfriend said it was not worth it r.r

 Donald Duck dressed up as Mexican
 The Princesses

After we did all that we went to eat again. We visited Toontown, I had never been there, meh it was ok, it's more like a place to take photos, not many attractions. 

 We went on the Finding Nemo Submarine because my boyfriend REALLY wanted to go, and omg I was dying! My biggest fear are drowning and dying inside a submarine from lack of oxygen. I was so nearveous the entire ride, and felt that the water was going to leak inside any minute. It felt like it lasted forever. The things I do for love. 
 The sleeping beauty castle at night. It's so beautiful ♥___♥

We also went to the Matterhorn Bobsleds, Small world,  Autopia, went to see the night show, and a little bit of the fireworks, and to Star Tours again.

I might probably be back again later this year, we'll see!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tegan and Sara Heartrob

Hey guys!
On Wednesday me and my friend Laura, went to see Tegan and Sara (once again). This time it was a solo concert, so there were no annoying teenage fans bumping into everyone so they can get closer to the stage. They are currently promoting their new album "Heartrob", you probably might have heard this song on an express commercial.

It took place at Humprey's by the Bay, oh man that place is beautiful! it is outdoors and it is right next to a marina, and it is in the middle of a fancy hotel. The only thing that sucked is that they don't let cameras in, but I went in sneaky mode and took mine in. Most people were only taking pictures with their iphones.

Here are some pics I took
our view from the seats
this is Tegan
and this is Sara
Love those cubes!

I only took one video, because I wanted to enjoy the show, but is so shaky! but the last song they played was "Feel it in my bones" a collaboration they made with Tiesto, which made me very happy because it is one of my favorite songs.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Liz Lisa Spring Lucky Bag

Hey guys!
Today's entry is going to be very short. Some of you may know that Liz Lisa releases some Lucky bags through the year. In March they realeased one and when I went to the website to purchase it they were already sold out. But in like 2 weeks after they restock it and I was able to get one.
I really like the bag itself. I think I will use it as a beach bag.
Inside came 2 tops, 1 bottom and 1 accesory.

This one look like a shirt I used to have when I was in High School
I'm not so sure about this one, I'm very concious about showing my stomach
I got 2 headbands
That's it


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Etude House Baby Choux Base in Berry Review

Hey guys!
So sorry I've been MIA, I don't really have a valid excuse, it's just that there nothing interesting happening, but  in my previous post a lot of you seem very interested in this product from the Sweet Recipe collection so here we go on to the review!

So Etude House describes the Baby Choux Base as "a  moist and fluffy choux cream textured makeup base that supplies moist and bright coverage for flawlessly soft skin."

The  Etude House Baby Choux Base comes in 3 different colors Mint, Peach and Berry. The Mint one helps neutilize redness. The peach one is for dull skin, and the Berry one is for brightening. I will be reviewing Berry which is no.2.

I love the glass packaging on this one, it looks like fancy skincare, but still girly. I like that it comes with a spatula, so I don't have to dig my fingers into the jar and contaminate everything with germs.
no makeup, about to put this on my face
The texture is so soft, almost like lotion, but when on the skin feels very fresh. This product is not a  base as in foundation, but it is primer. So the coverage is pretty much non existent.

Berry is very light, and almost leaves a white cast on my skin. My guess is that in Korea makeup that makes you look whiter = brightening. It looks very unattractive if you don't apply any foundation or BB cream afterwards.

I felt like it did help my makeup stay nice for longer. The first day I wore it, I went out for lunch, and then at night I went clubbing, and my face was not oily and I didn't have to retouch my makeup all day.

I do liked the product, and how it makes my makeup last longer, but I feel like it is not special because there are a lot of primers out there that do the exact same thing.
After the Choux base, BB cream and everything else


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gmarket Haul

Hey guys!
I think during the first or second week of March the Etude House shop on Gmarket where having a sale. Some products where even 50% off! I went ahead and ordered some items form the new Sweet Recipe Collection, and other othems from older collections.

I guess Etude was very busy dispatching orders from that sale because local shipping took longer than usual, about 2 weeks. But once my items arrived to the warehouse I got them in like 3 days. 
Here is everything I bought. It's so pink!

This is the from the Etoinette collection.

The Pink Heart Blush, I had heard mostly bad reviews about this. I didn't purchase it for the product but for the packaging I mean look at it, it looks so fancy! I am seriously thinking about throwing out the blush because one of the hearts broke during shipping so it made a mess.
You can see how some of them are broken

Next is the lash perm 3 Step Volumecara

Supposedly it should give you big dolly like lashes, but i haven't use it.
The brush is quite big

Then here come the stuff from the Sweet Recipe Collection. I'm honestly was very interested in this collection because the theme is desserts. Etude House has new spokesmodels, Krystal and Sulli from f(x) so they definately do a great job at wanting me to buy more from Etude.

First is the Baby Choux Base in Berry.

This one is suppose to brighten skin tone, again I haven't used it.
I really appreciate that this comes with a spatula

Then I bought the Dear my Jelly Lipstalk lipstick in JPK002
This is one Krystal's pick.
This one I have used, and it is quite sheer. It's not a full coverage lipstick, it's more like a tint on a stick.

Last is the chocolate smudge liner. I got the black one.
It does look like chocolate!
I don't think it looks completely black, it's more of a deep chocolate brown, but it is so cute I don't mind.

Well that's it for today, if you guys are interested in a review let me know!

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