Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Dupe for MAC Lavender Whip

Hey guys!
I went shopping with my boyfriend this past weekend, and bought a couple of NYX round lipsticks.

Well i bought one of them that did not looked to anything I already in my collection, when i swatched it, I couldn't help to noticed that it was so similar to a super popular lipstick, MAC Lavender Whip from the Creemsheen Collection.

The lipstick name is Power. Below is a Picture.

L to R(MAC Lavender Whip, NYX Round Lipstick in Power)

Now I know, you are like. Monica... this aren't even close to similar.

They look completely different in the tube. Lavander Whip is obviously lavander, while Power is more of a Pink color with purple undertones. But when applied they are like identical twins,

L to R Lavender Whip, Power

The difference I see between those two is Power is more creamier and more opaque. While Lavander Whip is more sticky and glossy, a bit more sheer as well.

So if you were looking for Lavander Whip, but couldn't afford the Ebay prices, NYX has a pretty close dupe you can settle for.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Clothing Haul

Usually not the type of person that goes crazy buying clothes. Though you guys might like watching some clothes that i have gotten from the past 3 months, really not a lot.
These are some of the clothes
Hope you enjoy :)

I do show more clothes in the video so, hopefully you'll like it :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Secret Peri-Wink

So I know that I have been on a nail polish trance. I wasn't really a nailpolish person until recently. Pretty much my whole high school year I used to wear this bright hot pink nailpolish from Revlon [can't remember the name of it sorry :( ] and that was it.

So i finished up that only bottle that I had and never went back to get a new polish, now i feel that everytime I go to somewhere i always come back with one nail polish.

Anyways.... so here is my latest aquisition.

Guess what?? China Glaze... again.
The color is BEAUTIFUL. Never seen anything close to it before. Unfortunately is Limited Edition, and at my sally's they only had 2 bottles left.

Honestly I have no idea what collection this came out with.

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