Thursday, February 20, 2014

Boyfriend & Slut

Hey lovelies!

Just to clarified, my boyfriend hasn't cheated on me. But I have friends who have been cheated on, and this is what I've noticed from second hand experience.

Women are so dramatic, more often than men. When a woman cheats, men aren't like that. They don't make sure everyone in the world knows how hurt they are. They don't post on facebook this "inspirational quotes" and images for people who've been cheated on. Yes, they might think that woman is an ungrateful bitch, but they move on sooner. Women not so much, they tend to hold a grudge for so much longer.
seems familiar?

I will tell you the story of an acquaintance. She had a kid with her boyfriend, and they lived together for a little while. I think the baby was only a couple months old, and they broke up because he cheated. Her kid is almost 3 years old, and to this date she holds an immense grudge against all men, not just her ex. She never misses the opportunity to remind everyone that all men are the same, "they are liars and cheaters and cannot be trusted."
Really? and what about guys?
People are like snowflakes, no two are the same. She had bad luck, like other thousands of people had, but I sometimes think that if she were a bit more positive she could've found by now a good guy who would accept her and her child. If I was guy and looked at her facebook page I'd be put off by all the anti-male stuff she posts.

There is another girl who I know who I share mutual friends with. Boyfriend cheated on her and she cannot stop with the slut shaming. Not cool.
spot on mrs norbury
Some women indeed are sluts. But others are victims of these unfaithful men, and those shouldn't be called that. I had an experience which I don't share often, but will share because it is relevant to what I'm writing about. I was young and naive (in highschool), I was going out with an older guy who already had a girlfriend, he promised me he would break up with her to be with me, but he never did. I never knew if the other girl knew about me, but I'm sure if she did she called me a whore, that's for sure. But I'm not a whore, I was used, lied to, and the guy broke my heart, just like he did it to her. We were both victims, but hey it's the past and I've moved on and don't hold a grudge against him.

But the real sluts are these unfaithful men. They already have a girl, and still go after another girl. But girls you've been cheated on never blame the guy. You know that "slut" never put a gun on your man's head and forced him to cheat on you with her.

I often wonder, why do people cheat? My guess is that they are not satisfied with their current relationship, and try to compensate for that. A quick google search told me I'm not too wrong, supposedly these are some reasons why people cheat.  

1. Lack of sexual satisfaction in your primary relationship.
2. Desire for additional sexual encounters. 
3. Lack of emotional satisfaction in your primary relationship.
4. Wanting emotional validation from someone else. 
5. Falling out of love with your partner.
6. Falling in love with someone new.  
7. Your wanting to seek revenge.
8. You’re curious and want new experiences. 

Which in my humble opinion most of these reasons are around sex and could be prevented/fixed with a little communication with your significant other.

So before cheating, creating an irreparable mess, breaking someone's heart and giving yourself a bad reputation. Talk to your significant other, communication is always the solution, isnt it?


Monday, February 10, 2014

I've Been Gaming

Hello lovelies!

I haven't been blogging for two reasons. One being that I went back to school, and it's keeping me very busy. The other one being that in my free time I've been gaming. Yeah, real gaming, not little app games on the phone.

I've been playing Grand Theft Auto 5. My boyfriend got the game when it came out, and would play literally all day, even when we were hanging out. He sometimes would show me other games he had, but they all bored me to death, so I just slept while he played. But not GTA. It was actually fun watching my boyfriend play. Since it is an open world game you can pretty much do whatever you want. I asked him if I could play... and it went something like this...
Me playing for the first time in years
I had no idea how to use so many buttons on the controller, since I never really played video games. In time I got a little better, and got myself a PS3 and the game, so now my boyfriend and I play online together.

I made a girl character because "duh I'm a girl" but I hate how difficult it is to make a pretty girl. Just by looking at the advertisements you would assume you could create hot females.

The bikini girl is hot
you see?
Wrong! all the females look like 40 year old meth addicts. It's extremely difficult to create a pretty lady, and impossible to create a character as good looking as the girls from the advertisements.

Also, It kind of  sucks to be a girl in the game. As women, I think we are bound to come across some creepy dudes in our life. If you have never had a creepy dude come up to you and tell you something sexual, then please let me know where you live so I can move there!

Gaming world is no different. Inmature guys see a girl playing, and  go after her like horny dogs. I don't have a mic and I've had players send me messages like "hey there sexy", "can I have your phone number?", "send me your picture?", or "do you have a boyfriend?"

WTF is wrong with these guys!? It's like they never see a girl in real life. Just because I'm the owner of a vagina, and you are the owner of a penis doesn't mean we should get together.

Seriously, even my boyfriend made a girl character and gets these kinds of messages.

Well, I'm going to post really soon, I'm currently having exams in school, so I'm dedicating all my time into studying. I want to show you guys a few reviews and non sponsored outfits so, that's my plan. Just wanted to let you know I'm still alive. How have you guys been?

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