Monday, May 28, 2012

Jumily Eyelashes Girly Eye Review

Hey guys!
Today I'll review one of the Japanese lashes that I go on the Japanese market a while back. I had forgotten to complete the review, so here it is.

The lashes are produced by Japanese model Maichi and they come in that cute packaging. The price on my local  Japanese market was a little over $13 USD. It comes with only pair of lashes, no glue. They are now available at sasa for $12.90!

The main reason why I purchased the lashes was because the design was simple, the lashes seemed long and they have a clear band which looks a bit more natural when you use clear eyelash glue.
Here I'm wearing the lashes
 Honestly I was a bit disappointing with the lashes. They only give volume and a little bit of length on the outer corners which I do like. But, they are very fragile. For the people that don't know, eyelashes are not "single use only", so when I tried to clean them, it was a complete disaster, I completely ruined one of the lashes.

I wouldn't repurchase this design again because they were expensive, and probably I could find something similar for 1/4 of the price I paid for these at my local target, but I would like to try other lashes from Jumily because they are quite pretty and because I'm a sucker for Japanese lashes. 


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Hey guys!
As you know because I've said this around four times already. SM Town was this Sunday!
So, just to recap everything really quickly. It was 4 hours long but, definitely went by fast. It felt more like 2 hours. Leeteuk, Taeyeon, and Tiffany were the MC's of the night and SHINee opened the show. Yoona and Yuri from Girl's Generation were not there, which was disappointing because I love Yuri. Siwon from Super Junior also wasn't there. Exo only sang two songs and both were lip synched.

The line up was, BoA, TVXQ!, Super Junior, Girl's Generation, SHINee, f(x) and EXO.

Although I was in the 400 level, but I was in the very front row and had a great view of the whole stadium. It was actually kind of small. There was a "no camera policy", but I took my camera anyways, and the security at the gate didn't even check my purse, so I thought that I had made it. But everything got ruined by the security lady that was in my section. She kept on checking there was no recording, she caught the girls that were seating behind me and asked them to leave only 5 minutes into the show! I also saw that she was deleting photos  from another girl's camera. How horrible. So I couldn't take videos at all. There was a girl who was seating next to me and she gave a heads up when that lady was coming. So thank you so much girl!

During the finale all the artist came to the end stage, and saw Minho and Yunho just standing there looking up to my section, I yelled Minho's name and waved my light stick and he waved at me. CHOI MINHO WAVED AT ME!!!  *ovaries explodes* You can see at the 3:12 mark, on the white pants, that was the moment he waved. Enough about fangirling.

So here are photos I took from the event. If you used them for whatever please credit me.
Tiffany, Leeteuk and Taeyeon were the MC's

 That's it! I think those were the best photos I was able to take.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gmarket Haul #2

Hey guys!
I placed my second order on Gmarket last week. For a post on my first order you can click here.

My order shipped out on 5/13 and I received it on 5/16. The package comes all the way from Seoul, very satisfied with fast service. I ordered a total of 9 items, the total including shipping was $117 (around 135000 won). It might seem expensive, to pay all that amount at once, but it all rounds around $10 USD per piece, which is cheaper than purchasing at chain stores. So I recommend if you purchase from Gmarket spend a lot of money there to make the order worth.

Anyways her is my box.
Much smaller than last time, and this time my box was not damaged.

On the inside, all the items were nicely packaged.

Here is what I bought.

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk in PK002. You can get it here.

 Etude House Tear Eye Liner. You can get it here .

Etude House Cookie Blusher in #03 Raspberry Tarte. You can get it here .

Etude House Color My Brows in #1. You can get it here .

This super cute thing was a free gift from Etude House, a heart-shaped mirror and a comb/razor for the brows. 

Swatches of everything. From L to R blush, liner, brow gel, lipstick.

Now I will show you the clothes, along with their respective stock pictures so you can compare.

Bought the short in the color Mint.
 You can buy them here .

I actually really like the shorts. I was expecting the fabric bit ticker. They were smaller than what I had expected, but since the back of the shorts is elastic it stretches, so it fits me well.

Also bought this in mint.
 You can get it here.

The cardigan is a little small. But I'm not planning on wearing it like that all the time. I always wear my cardigans unbuttoned, so it is all good. Fabric is a bit on the thinner side.

This was the most expensive piece I bought at 15800 Won. I bought the ivory one.
You can get the shirt here.

Paired with the mint shorts looks so pretty! I really like this shirt. It is thin obviously, it's chiffon.

 Bought the Lilac Color. I always have trouble finding lilac clothes.

You can find it here.

Fabric is thick, which is good because it will last me a long time with proper care.

 Bought this one in white
You can get it from the same link of the lilac shirt. I really like this shirt because summer is approaching and short sleeves are a must.

 That's it for my haul. I'm very satisfied with everything I ordered.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Can Finally Unfollow

Hey guys
I'm just too happy I had to write. For over a year I haven't been able to unfollow blogs. You how blogger has the option of manage blogs you follow or something like that. Every time I would click on it, it would take too long to respond and in the end it would just give me an error message.

Now that Blogger is on a new interface  there is no "manage blogs I follow" link! Somehow I tried to look at one of the blogs I follow and that link appeared!

I'm so happy I can now clean my reading list. I've had this blogger account since 2008. So I've follow quite a few blogs along the way, and many of them are dead blogs that have not been updated in over a year, some are about things that no longer interest me. So why keep follow them? it only takes up space, and I might miss a blog update from a blog I truly love reading.

Anyways, I have an awesome haul coming up, and another circle lenses that might come in the mail this week. I'm so excited. Also SM Town is this weekend, I'm even more excited, but apparently they are not allowing cameras, how lame!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hauls and More Hauls

Hey guys!
So, I'm officially on summer break now. Which means I will have more time to blog, and do videos. Which makes me happy. College is so stressful, now that I'm in upper division classes have been getting so difficult and time consuming.  So here is this post summarizing most of the things I've bought recently. Here is an unrelevant photo. It is not recent, as you can see I was still in my old room.

Ok getting into the haul
H&M Lace romper.

This was pricey $35, but I had been looking for a pair or lace short for a very long time. So when I saw this romper I thought it was perfect, the only problem was that there were only 3 left in the store and the smallest size available was an 8. I'm usually a 4 or 6. So I just decided to try it on for just in case, and it fits so well!

SHINee and Girls' Generation Light sticks.

Because I'm going to SMTOWN in next week and I need to cheer lol. I bought these at for around $8 USD each.

New Kpop Albums

I bought SHINee "Sherlock", Girl's Generation "The Boys" and "Run Devil Run". I got this at, with free shipping!

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in Milk Chocolate

I would not usually pay $29 USD for a powder, but I had been looking for so long for a good bronzer. The problem with most bronzer is that they are orange, and I'm not trying to look like Snooki, and most of the times are too dark for my skintone, and I end up looking muddy and dirty, and this is perfect, it is a warm brown. It's a plus that it smells delicious!

T-strap Pink Shoes

I had seen this shoes at yesstyle a while back and wanted to buy them but they were sold out in my size. Shiro wrote an entry about buying this shoes and she was so nice to send me the ebay link where she got them from. I love these shoes, the heel is so tiny you can walk on these all day. They are comfortable too.

Ivory Wedges.

I got these at Kmart for only $25 USD!

Bow Suspender Tights

I got these at Asos for $14 and free shipping. I love the customer service, no other store is as fast as Asos, I received my order in 4 days! The bad thing about this is that they are "one size" so girls that are a little bit bigger might not fit in these.

Aquolina Pink sugar

I got this because it is my favorite perfume, and I'm running out of mine and had a 20% off coupon for Sephora.

Skin79 Vital  BB Cream (Orange Label) & Etude House Shini Star Lip balm in #5 Taemin

I bought these two at on ebay for aroung $22 USD. I wanted to try the Orange BB cream because it has higher spf than the Gold Label and Pink Label, and the Shini Star lip balm, well I'm just a fangirl, and anything that is advertised by SHINee I buy it! I got  Taemin's color because it was the one that appealed to me the most. Plus it has an autograph at the bottom of the pot!

New skincare products from Mexican Avon and Fuller.

I was able to get these because one of my coworker's son is married to a lady that sells Avon and Fuller from Mexico. It's all super mad cheap! I got the Avon Rejuvenate Night Sapphire Emulsion (this is the only product that is available in America), Avon Rejuvenate Glycolic Facial Treatment, Avon Solutions Hydra Illuminating Night Cream and Fuller Biowhite Clarifying hand cream. All of these for less than $30 USD.

So I think that's it!
If you want a review on something please let me know.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Etude House Missing U Bee Happy Hand Cream

Hey guys!
Not too long ago I purchased one of the Etude House's Missing U Handcreams. Etude House is a Korean brand with VERY cutesy packaging.

This particular product is endorsed by SHINee, and because I'm a SHINee fangirl I had to purchase this.
So the whole concept of the Missing U line consist of hand creams and a matching lip balm with packaging of an endangered species. Last year they had a penguin, dolphin, panda and some other animal I can't remember. This year campaign was about bees! They have the lady bug, the queen bee, the larva and the honey bee. The nice thing is that all of the packaging is made out of recycled materials and printed with soy ink, and part of the profits are donated to some charities to help prevent the extension of these animals.

So the one I purchased was the queen bee, because it was pink. It was smaller than what I had expected. I purchased it on's ebay, for a little over $10 USD. It smells really good, like roses. But I wouldn't recommended nor purchase it again.

One is for the germophobes, the cream comes in a jar. Obviously it will be easily contaminated if you hands are dirty, but it doesn't really bother me. The second reason is that the cream is not moisturizing at all. I don't have dry hands, but I feel like every time I apply this, the cream only sits on my hands and it doesn't get absorbed, more like it evaporates, and then my hands are dry.

Also, not sure if it's a good thing, but the cream is not liquid, it has a solid consistency.

Like I said, I'm not going to repurchase this. But at least the packaging is cute, and can recycle the packaging to store things.

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