Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Skin79 Vital BB Cream Orange Label Review

Hey guys!
Today's review I is very delayed. It's one of the more recent releases from Skin79. If I remember correctly this was realased last year. It is an improved formula from the Pink and Gold labels.

The packaging is very similar to the Pink and Gold labels, except this one is orange, and the pump is gold. Even the boxes are the same.

So what makes it different?
-50+ PA+++ UV protection.
- Full coverage.
- No grey cast.
- Thicker than other Skin79 BB Creams

I initially wanted to try out this BB cream for two reasons. I've good experiences with the pink and gold labels, and the high SPF. Who doesn't want to protect their skin the the UV rays, and especially during the summer that we tend to do more outdoor activities.

Top is the Gold label, Bottom is the Orange label.
Usually BB creams have this grey cast, it eventually disappears once it blends into your skin. But this one doesn't have that grey undertone, it is legit yellow undertone and doesn't take as much time to match your skin color. However I didn't like too much the formula of this one. BB creams are famous because they are like a tinted moisturizer that requires little to no blending. This one requires a lot of blending. It is a lot thicker than the pink and gold labels and almost feels like a foundation.

Although I appreciate the high SPF, I honestly doubt I will repurchase this one. I'm the type of girl that likes easy fool-proof makeup, and this one requires a lot of work to make it look good.



  1. Konichiwa Monica-chan~ ^__^

    I found your blog from BLOGGERS and just thought that I should come say hi to you!

    I got Skin79's BB cream [pink tube] and I'm loving it! But it'll make my face too "white" lol ^_^

    Feel free to visit my blog:

    Hope to hear from you soon


  2. YOu look beautiful
    but I think its too light on my skin :(

    How to:heatless curls
    Cute OOTD
    I appreciated your feedbacks :)

  3. I have the pink label one and I really like that!! That works very well for my oily skin. I have heard that this orange one is good for oily skin, but I have yet to purchase it though.


  4. Hello! Great blog! The last post is very interesting and beautiful! Let's follow each other, if you agree, then let me know!)))

  5. Hi Monica! Thanks for the review! I'm a huge fan of the pink one as well but have not tried any others so this was helpful for me :) btw you look pretty as always!

  6. gracias por la review.
    he estado pensando en comprar la orange, pero con tu review me ha entrado la duda, ya que soy igual a como dices no me gusta el maquillaje que se siente tan grueso y difícil de aplicar. ordene unas muestras de la pink y gold, aunque aun tengo como el gusanito por la naranja! me ha sido muy útil.
    no he probado ninguna BB CREAM de SKIN79,ahora estoy usando Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream..
    donde compraste tu bb cream??

  7. good posting about Skin79 Vital BB Cream Orange Label Review

  8. Very nice review of Skin79 Super Plus Vital BB Cream, it's so detailed. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing us your review. I will wait for your another make up reviews! :)

  9. Hi,
    Mine does not have an authenticity sticker the seller told me that the orange one doesn't? Is this true?

    1. mine has the sticker, I believe all of skin79 bbcreams have it.

  10. Enjoyed reading this review. I have just reviewed this product myself and our views are very different - it's funny how different products are on different skin types :)


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