Monday, April 7, 2014

Tresemme Platinum Strength Heat Protect Spray

Hello lovelies!

I'm very sure most of us have hear wonderful things about the Tresemme Heat Protectant spray right? I personally have nothing but great things to say about that product. It's cheap, easily available and does its job pretty well. I love it, and it's a staple on my hair products. So when tresemme realased this new heat protectant spray I didn't hesitate to try it out because I thought I would be similar to the original heat tamer spray.

I bought this on a whim, right after it came out,  I didn't use it until I finished one bottle I already had.

Price ♥♥♥♥♥
Very affordable,  and easily accesible at any drugstore for around $5.

It's the same as the heat tamer spray. Only difference it's the lavender color and the spray pump is slightly different. I do wish the bottle was see through so I could know when I'm running out.

Product Quality♡♡♡♡♡
I have used the product 2 times, and unfortunately it was enough to figure out this product is crap. I always put on heat protectant and wait for it to dry before styling my hair, and this makes my hair so sticky. I even thought because the bottle only indicates to use this with the blowdyer that I was using it incorrectly, so also tried it for blow drying my hair, didn't work, same sticky feeling. It made my hair so dry and sticky I couldn't even run my fingers through it. Think of applying hairspray and then going over you hair with the flat iron. My hair felt exactly like that.

I do not recommend this product, and will never purchase it again. It's a complete waste of money.

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