Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dueba Pufffy (Shiny) 3 Tones Grey

Hey guys!
A lovely reader sent me an email asking me if I was going to review some lenses I mentioned in this post. Yes I will, and this is the post ;)

I'm wearing the lenses in this picture. These lenses are the Dueba (also known as G&G) Puffy (Shiny) 3 tones in Grey. I got these from Pinkyparadise. Here are the specifications.

Diameter: 14.5
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 38%
Duration: 1 Year disposal

What I really liked about the lenses is the little yellow dots near to the pupil, if you have brown eyes like myself they will blend so well with your eyes. However I must say these lenses are not grey. On me they come out more on the blue side . 

I only have two complaints about these lenses. One of them is that they are very dry, I have to start popping eyedrops after 2 hours of wear. The other complaint is that I find these are difficult to put on. I've tried lenses that have a bigger than 14.5 and I can put them in with no trouble at all.
Natural Light
direct sunlight

They are not my favorite lenses, for some reason I think the color does not look good on me.



  1. The color is quite bright and does not blend well... but you look so Dolly! Cute!

  2. I like the lenses but they do not seem so natural on your eyes :( Maybe they are too light and that sucks they are so dry.

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  4. Hi sweetie, you have a great blog!! You look so cute, this lenses are so beautiful :)
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  7. good posting about Dueba Pufffy (Shiny) 3 Tones Grey

  8. you are like me, this lens are not beautiful on you :/ Look at the result on a girl , it's so perfect, i don't understand :/

  9. I agree, i ordered these and they look too blue for my liking, with my skin tone (light brown), blue looks totally fake. Wont be able to wear these out.


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