Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hey guys!
I hope everyone of you had a wonderful Christmas? What did you guys do, and did you get gifts?
This year we went to my hometown in Mexico to visit family. We had some family form Mexico City visiting.

This year we didn't have many gifts since all of our cousins are already grown up and most of them already have families of their own. I have a total of 11 cousins on my mom's side and only 4 of us remain single and unmarried. I'm on the the youngest ones.We didn't do anything just talk to our family, open presents, eat tamales, eat, eat and eat. Typical.
my sister and I
I didn't received many gifts from my family, because I'm over 18, that's the age my family stops giving you Christmas presents. My aunt gave me this framed picture of when I was 3 years old.

Check out my wild hairdo!

Also got this jacket from another aunt.

I couldn't spend Christmas with my boyfriend. It took us 5 hours to cross the border, so we got home after 11:30 pm. So I just met with him for about one hour to exchanged presents.

This is what he got me. The white scarf, a small handbag, pirouettes and the sailor moon manga set

His sister gave me this cute Hello Kitty bubble bath set.

Mom got me this uber cute slippers. Love them so much!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dueba G&G Blossom Brown Review

Hey guys!
I will be reviewing circle some circle lenses that I bought forever ago.It's been quite a long time since the last time I reviewed a pair. So lets get started!

These are the Dueba (also known as G&G) Blossom in Brown. They are also known as  Puream Girly Chip in Japan. The reason I decided to purchase these is because they are very similar (if not the same design) to the ones Kumicky uses. She uses her own designed lenses, the Puream Girly Chip. Here is a picture of Kumiky wearing them.

So here are the product specifications
Manufacturer: G&G
Country of Origin: South Korea
Diameter: 14.3
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 38%
Lifespan: 1 Year Disposal
Natural Light

Night With Flash

I like that they are a light brown, the black rings is not too thick. Due to the design some parts are slightly ticker than others so it looks more natural. The lenses give you a super dolly effect. They look just sweet.

Unlike my past experience with dueba lenses these do not hurt my eyes. They are also very comfortable. I guess my puffy 3 tones came defective. The 14.3 mm size is good for a more natural look, it not too big that they will make you look bugged eyed or small to be unnoticeable. I think these might be small to fit gyaru style though.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Spoil Myself During the Holidays

Hey guys!
So I love the holiday season. Just seeing how some people decor their homes, and my favorite is the food. We Mexicans usually make tamales, mym mom only makes them once a year on Christmas eve because its hard work.

Anyways that is not even related to what I want to share. There is one thing I hate about the holidays... that is shopping for gifts.

Every store is having sale after sale, and offering free shipping I just can't resist those offers and have bought things for only myself. Its only a week before Christmas and I have not bought a thing for anyone. I know shame on me... so lets appreciate my new things.

Fannel pajamas from Forever 21 only $9 on black Friday sale
 Jewerich No.2 Lashes
I don't really like to post underwear, but I saw these at the Forever21 website, and they are so cute!!
 Been wanting a floppy hat so got this one from forever21
 I was looking for a Liz Lisa coat on Yahoo auctions and came across this Tralala Coat, it was only 3000 yen, and it's brand new still has the tags, it was originally 12,390 yen!
 Popteen December Issue with Pikarin on the cover
I know this is super nerd, but got the Sailor V volume 1. It is a short manga only 2 volumes, but this is the basis to the story of Sailor Moon and I have always wanted to read this and since it is being republished I was able to find it on Barnes & Noble.

That's it

Thursday, December 13, 2012

What's going on?! My Birthday

Hey guys
For the ones in school, how are your finals coming along? are you guys working hard to pass your classes?
You haven't seen my face in a while so I'm including a random photo

I'm finally done with the semester. I say finally because I couldn't wait for this day since the semester started. On Tuesday I finished the my last final and went to eat sushi with my boyfriend. We haven't really seen each other for about 2 weeks because I was busy with some research papers and studying.

my boyfriend is a copycat and ordered the same thing
Yesterday it was my birthday on 12/12/12. I mentioned to my boyfriend that since I was little I had thought about that date. It seemed so distant back then. We went to eat Korean food, and I ordered bulgogi and got burned with the pan, I accidentally touched it when it was super hot.

bulgogi, japchae and all the banchan
I had four different cakes, two at work, then my mom bought me a cake and my boyfriend's family bought me another. I got a few presents yesterday, but I usually keep getting birthday presents until Christmas, mostly from family because we don't see each other often. This is what I got yesterday

Here is yesterday's outfit
Dress: Liz Lisa replica
Boots: Taobao


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to Buy From Liz Lisa

Hey guys!
From time to time I've gotten questions about this. So I decided to explain it all on this post. As many of you might have noticed already is not possible to buy directly from Liz Lisa because they don't ship overseas. So basically it only leaves us unlucky foreigners with few options to get their lovely products.

So here are some options in case you want to buy and are not in Japan.
1- Buy directly from the store using a shopping service

You have 2 options. Buy from the Liz Lisa Webstore or the Shibuya 109 Net Shop.

Buying from these options is the most expensive, but also the safest method if you are concerned with the authenticity of you clothes. The sale section is constantly updated and sometimes you can get items for 2000 yen! Check it everyday because the items sell fast and sometimes they restock.

If you decide to use tenso as your shopping service (as is recommended by Liz Lisa), you have to sign up at the Liz Lisa store, and go through the whole process of ordering by yourself. Be warned that there is no "English version" of the online store, so have a translator open at all times or use this great tutorial. You have to have a credit/debit card to purchase on the store. Tenso doesn't email you when the items get to their warehouse so check often. Tenso only ships the items via EMS. It is the most expensive method, but it is insured and fast. Be warned that although they say EMS might be fastest method sometimes it is not. Your package might be held by customs longer, and depending on your country you may have to pay taxes on import. I would recommend using tenso if there are few units available so you can ensure you will get the items you like.

The last two times I've ordered from Liz Lisa I've used as my shopping service. I'm pleased with it because I don't have to purchase the items myself. I just fill out the order form on their site and they do their job. Once the item gets to their warehouse they will email you. They offer you various shipping methods, so if you are not in a hurry to get your items you can use less expensive shipping methods. But I wouldn't recommend it if you are only a few units left because although they are fast sometimes the items you want to buy can sold out before they can place your order.

Usually shopping services will charge you around 10% of your order including local shipping plus paypal fee which is usually 4%. Tenso charges comission based on your items' weight.

2- Buy from auctions

Japan has their own versions of ebay which are Yahoo Auctions and Mbok. I'm not very experienced buying from auctions. I'm not even sure if foreigners can create an account to begin with. It all depends on the seller because some may accept international orders, some may not accept foreign credit cards or paypal.

The pro of buying from auctions is that you can sometimes find authentic pieces from previous collections at a good price or sold out items. There is also a con... there are fake Liz Lisa items being sold in Japan too. Some fake items might be sold there so just beware and read the descriptions. You can use a shopping  service like treasure-japan. They will place a bid for you, and will notify you if you win.

3- Buy from gyaru sales 

This community is basicaly another gals selling their old clothes. Although there are some replicas most gals will tell you before hand if it's a replica or not.

Gyaru Community Sales
Gyaru Sales Facebook Group

4- Buy fake from Taobao

If  the authenticity of your clothes is something not important to you and looking for a bargain then taobao is for you.

Taobao is the Chinese version of Amazon. You can find about any imaginable piece from Liz Lisa for fairly cheap. Around $30 for a dress. The quality is ok, but it depends on the seller.

You will need a shopping service because some sellers don't ship overseas, and you need a Chinese bank account to pay. I recommend using taobaospree I've used them without any problem before, and have great customer service.

Some shops from Taobao that I've bought from and I like are Vivid's and HelloChild

5- Buy from Ebay

I do not trust ebay when it come to Liz Lisa because most of it is fake.
Here are some pointers to tell whether the item is fake or not. If the seller is located in Hong Kong, is offering a piece from an older collection. Has multiple items of the same piece, and has all the colors available, then it is fake!

I'm aware Liz Lisa has some official stores in Hong Kong, but Liz Lisa doesn't keep producing items from older collections. From time to time there might be a seller selling their old clothes, some are fake, but you can always ask the seller about the authenticity.
6- Buy from places like minky shop or sweetgyaru shop

I'ver never purchased from these, but I've read mix reviews. They are located in Hong Kong and some say that their clothes are actually replicas from Taobao and they sell them at x3 the price.

7- Foreign stores

Liz Lisa has some stores overseas. Mostly in Asia. Recently another store opened in San Francisco CA. It's located on the Kinokuniya Building in Japantown. They just opened about two weeks ago so there is not a lot of info about this yet.

Edit:  The store in San Francisco that sells Liz Lisa is called Maruq

So that's it, if you have any question you can always email me or leave a comment below.


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