Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mod About You

A couple weeks ago I was at CVS just shopping around.
I saw a Revlon Display with their new nail polishes for summer. One color really stand out for me. The name? Lilac Pastelle. Which coincidentally it has the same name of my favorite Revlon Lipgloss, I took it home with me and I was so excited to wear it. (Also, I didn't have any Revlon Nailpolishes. I used to have several of them when I was in High school)
The color was beautiful... a creamy pale pink with lavander undertones. It was a big disappointment. It was very sheer, streaky, and it took forever to dry, and I'm not saying 30 minutes (which I think that is reasonable)... I'm talking nearly two hours. It was horrible... left me no option but to return it.

Sad that I had found a pretty color, but did not liked the formula I set my self on the quest for a similar color... which I found at a local beauty supply store.

It's an OPI nailpolish as you can tell. Decided to get it because at the time I didn't have any OPI nailpolishes. Since it is $9.00 US dollars (which is super pricey for a nailpolish) and these are a lot of people favorite brand of nailpolish I said to myself... "They must be so good... because everybody raves about them." Wrong.

OPI: Mod About You

Besides the thickness of the brush, which I find very hard to work with. It is so streaky, have to apply 2 or 3 coats. Also, it chips very fast.. I put it on Sunday Night (around 10 pm) and it is Thursday night, and my right index nail has started to chip. I think is not really worth the price nor the rave people give these nailpolishes. One good thing is that it dried fast. Might repurchse since i really do love the color.


Friday, September 10, 2010

E.L.F. Haul & Review

I've been seen a lot of hype about E.L.F.(eyes, lips, face) on YouTube.

The hype is mostly because their products are dirt cheap. By dirt cheap is from $1-6 US dollars.

Which is pretty amazing for people who are just getting started with makeup.

I decided to order a couple of products and see my own eyes what the fuss was about. Besides, I had a coupon for 50% off... so it was hard to resist.

Products I Ordered
-flat top powder brush
-daily brush cleaner
-brightening eye shadow quad (brownstone)
-eyeshadow duo (mocha swirl & butterpercan)
-studio complexion perfection
-studio blush and bronzer duo

Flat top brush is by far my favorite powder brush ever! The bristles are very soft, which is ideal for setting powder. This brush reminds me of Sonia Kashuk's flat top brush, but this one has a bigger head.

The daily brush cleaner is very good for spot cleaning. Which i like because I'm lazy when it comes to wash my eye brushes between colors. It dries inmediately.

Brightening eyeshadow quad in brownstone is one of the most perfect combination of browns i've seen, they are all matte. Very pigmented, and last a long time when using a primer. My only complain the the pan size, it barely fits my eyeshadow brushes, also the amount of product is very little. But that's what you get for a dollar.

The eyeshadow duos were my biggest dissapoinment. First the swatches on the website are way off. Mocha Swirl looks like it has a pink side, but IRL its purple. They are very powdery and chalky, and they smell serious. Their scent reminds me a lot of the wood section of the Home Depot. Pigmentation and staying power is alright.

L to R: Butter Pecan, Mocha Swirld

To be honest, I don't know about the complexion perfection powder. I have not used it, only did a test once and it was about 11 pm. I do feel that i made me look paler since all of the colors just come off as white when swatched.
L to R: Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink.

Love the Bronzer & Blush duo, close dupe to Nars laguna and orgasm. Love the colors, the pigmantation and the staying power! Only complain is that the compact gets a little messy since both of the products are very powdery. I has a huge mirror.. Will repurchase again!Add ImageL to R: Blush, Bronzer, random eyeshadow

So that was it.
Hope you guys enjoyed


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