Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Items from Liz Lisa and Ank Rouge

Hey guys!
This week my items I ordered in February finally arrived! I ordered from Mbok and Yahoo auctions.
Dress from the 2011 Spring/Summer collection. It's the one Lena Fuji wore on the runway, and probably the most replicated Liz Lisa dress. But this one is real!
Dress from the 2012 Autumn/Winter Collection. I really liked this dress since I first saw it. Especially the brown one since it also came in pink and burgundy, but It sold out super fast. I found it for only 3000 yen! It is also authentic.
Watch from Ank Rouge! It's my first item from Ank Rouge, and it is super pretty. The seller also sent the shopping bag and I thought that was so nice. It was only 1900 yen! Ank Rouge watches usually go for around 5000, and the seller said she only used it once!
Close up!

That's all I got. Jumping out to another topic, remember how I told you guys that my room had awful lighting and that I found a way to take better pictures. Well I remembered I had purchased this sort of ring light I tested it out and this is the result!
I love it! I haven't been taking much pictures of myself because my skin has been on crazy mode. One zit goes away and like 5 appear next morning, So I haven't been wearing much makeup so my skin can heal soon. But this light makes my skin look better, but I can still see those zits. Damn you acne!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yesstyle selling Liz Lisa, Me Jane and Golds Infinity... say what?

Hey guys!
Remember my last post about yesstyle?

Well, today when I logged in on tumblr I checked the Liz Lisa tag as usual, and what do I see. Apparently like the title of this post reads, Yesstyle is now selling well known Japanese brands like Liz Lisa, Me Jane and Golds Infinity.

I will be doing the comparison with Liz Lisa, since it is the brand I'm the most familiar with.

My first thought was they they would be selling replicas some of their well known designs from older collections.  But like you can see from the image below, they are selling the new spring collection. The prices are similar to the one in the Liz Lisa site.
But coming back to my previous post. I don't know for sure if they are original Liz Lisa, since you can already can get these items on taobao for cheaper, and yesstyle sometimes sells taobao stuff for a higher markeup. Also if you read Liz Lisa's disclaimer on their page. (click to enlarge)
After reading the disclaimer you find out they don't sell their stuff anywhere else but their physical stores and webshop.

Honestly I'm, dying to find out whether the LL at yesstyle is real, but spending $80 dollar just to find out seems like a waste. Maybe I'll buy something when it is sold out at the webshop.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yumetembo Order

Hey guys!
I really like browsing on Yumetembo, but I had never purchased anything from there until a couple weeks ago!

Only ordered these 3 items.

This cute mint pullover is perfect for this weather, very light and not too warm.

I wanted a Liz Lisa "style type" of skirt, it is great beacause it is 1/3 of the prize of Liz Lisa and has shorts underneath.

These shoes you guys had already seen them on my last outfit post

I was really surprised how quick shipping was, Only took like 4 days!

I can't wait to wear the skirt and pullover.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Outfit of the day- Plans go wrong?

Hey guys!
This weekend we kind of had plans to go out, but in the end it all fell apart. So my boyfriend and I just ended up dining at chillis and went back home to watch the walking dead. So I just will show you what I wore.

Top: Gmarket
Shorts: Lauren Conrad
Watch: Target
Socks: Tutuanna
Shoes: Yumetembo 

Lately I've been doing my nails more often than usual.  I know my cuticles suck and all, but I've had these nails for a couple days, I tried to to that gradient nails.

Surprisingly it is very easy. If you'd like a tutorial let me know .

That's it for today!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yesstyle and Taobao

Hey guys!

I honestly have bittersweet experiences with yesstyle. I love their huge selection of clothes, I love that it is so easy to browse the website, and even that you can filter the results by down to the color of the items.

But there have been two times that I have been dissatisfied with yesstyle. One time I bought a dress, when the dress arrived it was defective the sewing was just sloppy. The dress had some ruffles that were supposed to be in the right in the middle, and they were more left centered. Tried to return it but  they made it almost impossible. I needed their approval! I had to send photos and the customer service representative still said it was not defective! I tried until I finally managed to get their approval.

Other time I purchased a dress from the sale section and had some suspicious stains. Couldn't even return it or exchange it or whatever because the items in the sale section are final sale.

These two incidents have prevented me from shopping there again. I usually visit their site just to look at the clothes, but with no intention of buying, and since I discovered Taobao I've found that they sell stuff from Taobao at ridiculous markups!

Here are some examples

On Yesstyle this bag retails for $50 USD. Currently it is on sale for $40 Here
Same bag, different color on Taobao for 69 Yuan (approx $11 ISD) Here

The laceup boots, they are basically a knockoff of Liz Liza Winter 2011 Boots. Original price $62 Here 

I Bought the same ones for about $15 USD Here

 This Blazer retails for $75 on Yesstyle Here
Found it on Taobao, even  modeled by the same girl for 139 Yuan (approx $22 USD) Here

 Regular retail price is $32. It's on sale now. Here
Modeled by the same girl again. 83.20 Yuan (approx $13 USD) Here

Basically if I would've Purchase those four items from Yesstyle the total would've come to $219. While on Taobao would've been $61. HUGE difference.

Honestly, I don't think I will purchase from yesstyle again. Unless it is something very hard to find.


Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Blog Layout

Hey guys!

I have changed my blogskin. Originally I didn't really do much to the old one, except for adding a background, and some things here in there.
bye old bloskin
I was very bored with that one. Last week I decided to start working on this one. God it is so much time consuming. I did everything myself. All the graphics, and they had to be perfectly aligned with each other so that they would look nice. I'm not html savvy,  I haven't customized anything since the myspace days so everything I knew about html is long gone.
So here it is!
I think it looks so much prettier and much pinker! Still work in progress but I couldn't stand my old layout anymore.

How do you guys like it?

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