Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tonymoly Cats Wink Mascara Review

Hey guys
Long time no reviewing anything, but I will start reviewing more often.

Not too long ago I mentioned in a post that I had purchase this mascara. I had previously read reviews from fellow bloggers about this product. Plus, I couldn't resist the cute packaging.
My cat face is faded because I carry the mascara in my purse

The product comes with two formulas:

1- Volume & Longlash
2- Curling & Longlash.

I purchased no. 1. Volume & Long lash.
Comparison of the brushes with the Cover Girl Lash Blash

My right eye I applied only one coat of the mascara, my left eye has no mascara.

I was really impressed with this mascara. I have to say it is my favorite. I never understood how people could pick a favorite mascara because for me all the American mascaras I've tried did nothing for my lashes. Since Tonymoly Cats Wink is a fibering mascara it will lenghten your lashes.

- Cheap.
- Holds a Curl.
- It's not clumply.
- Doesn't smudge.
- Watery formula, helps build up the product better.
- Only needs one coat to get great results.
- Not waterproof. It's easier to take off at night .

- Troublesome to buy. You have to buy it online if you are not from Korea, and takes time to deliver.

I would definitely keep repurchasing this mascara. I love how it makes my eyelashes look long. It has become my holy grail!


  1. Hi Nony! Fiberwig mascaras are the bomb aren't they? :D All of my favorite mascaras happen to have fiberwig! Thanks for the wish girl! ^_^

  2. thnx for the review, I've been eyeing this mascara on eBay, maybe I'll purchase it once ;)

  3. This looks pretty good :o As for it being difficult to buy, I think it's only difficult in North American/European countries, as we here in South East Asia seem to be experiencing a Korean Makeup Boom. Etude Houses, Tony Moly's, TheFACEshops, EVERYWHERE haha. Never thought of purchasing a mascara from them though so after this review I might actually try it out :P

    Thanks for the review!


  4. I like the packaging a lot


    Follow me back ;)

  5. Bin grad zufällig auf deinen Blog gestoßen, und find ihn wirklich schön, man merkt, dass hier viel Liebe drin steckt :)

    Würde mich sehr über einen Besuch auf meinem Blog freuen :) ,

    Liebe Grüße, Kerstin


  6. I wanted to buy this mascara because I think the packaging is too cute. I have seen mixed reviews about this mascara so I didn't end up getting one. It makes your lashes look really nice!!


  7. cool review~ great to here it doesn't clump! just too bad that it's not easy to buy around here.

    keep in touch :)

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  8. It looks great on your eyes! I love the packaging too!

    Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  9. lovely review i love the cats hehe, i also made a review sometime ago on these too.

    love from you loyal follower emi


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  11. The mascara has got cute design! <3

  12. good posting about Tonymoly Cats Wink Mascara Review

  13. OOh that mascara looks pretty good! I must try it!


  14. the packaging is too cute. I think I might give this mascara a try. :D


  15. Love the review :) I have this on order, mainly because the packaging is so cute!! Cant wait to try it out x


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