Saturday, August 4, 2012

Geo Mimi Macchiato Brown Review

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Hey guys was very kind to sponsor me a pair of lenses for review purposes. These are the Mimi Macchiato Brown, it's part of a collection that is inspired by coffee drinks. So glad they sent me this lenses because I had been wanting these ones.

Here I am wearing them, below are the especifications

Manufacturer: Geo Medical
Diameter: 15mm
Base Curve: 8.7
Water Content: 42%
Life span: 1 Year disposable

Some closeups
no makeup, natural light
with flash
room light

The enlargement is good, not only are these 15mm, but Geo usually prints the pattern very close to the edges to it gives a little bit more of extra enlargement. These definitely need to be worn with makeup, otherwise you might look a bit alienish.

Despite the big size they were very comfortable, due to its high water content. I couldn't feel them. The design of these lenses are also stunning. I love the swirly pattern with several shades of brown. They have a brown limbal ring, most lenses have black ring and looks very harsh and unnatural on the eyes. These look very natural and blend so well with my eyes.

I loved that they still look great even when you take photos with flash. Most of us know that flash is the worst enemy for circle lenses.

I really do love these lenses, they have become my favorite, I've been reaching for these lenses the most . I suggest you guys to check out and their facebook page where they update on sales.

Currently they are having a 30% off sale on selected Geo lenses if you use the code "GEOSALES". It runs until the end of this month.



  1. They really suit you, so it's no surprise they've become your favourites! :) ❤

  2. Their so pretty! They really do remind me of Starbucks macchiatos ahaha


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    to get more viewers!!

    It's an international site with bloggers and models from all over the world.

    I love that site and you'll fit in perfectly =)


  4. I dunno why, but these look so sweet to me, like milkshake!

  5. kinda look natural.. i love it.. and you're beautiful
    keep in touch sweetie :)
    check out my blog and follow me if you like ♥
    I'll follow you ♥

  6. good posting about Geo Mimi Macchiato Brown Review

  7. You're hair is beautiful^ ^ I love those lenses!!


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