Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Stuff from Sasa, Charlotte Russe, and Lavender Hair

Hey guys!
My order from Sasa arrived earlier this week. I placed an order because they were having a special of free shippping if you purchased at least $19. There were some items that I wanted to buy for a while so I waited for a sale like this because I hate paying for shipping.
The Japanese markets in town sell dolly wink for a whooping $19 each. Sasa has them for 13 and no tax so I purchased some to try out.

- Dolly Wink no. 1
- Dolly Wink Liquid Liner in Black
- Dolly Wink no. 14
- Sana Esteny Hard Gel Massage.

On Friday I went to the mall to buy hair dye and decided to make a stop at Charlotte Russe. It is kind of a Forever21, but I usally don't shop there because the clothes are more geared towards clubbing occasions. This is what I bought.
Cat ear headbands like the Ones from One Spo. Don't know why I bought both, I couldn't decide.

So I did my hair again, because the pink from last week faded in 4 days.  I decided to go Lavender this time.  To get my hair color I mixed a lot of conditioner with a little drop of Manic Panic Ultra Violet and Red Passion.
I read somewhere online that since Ultra violet is a blue based purple it fades to blue, which then looks green on blonde hair. So I thought of canceling out the blue with a little red. This is the result.

I really do like the lavender. My boyfriend said it looks like candy. I think the pink looks better on me because my hair is brown and lavender is a cool toned color and it would look best of platinum hair.



  1. Hola Monica!!!(。・ω・)ノ
    Yo tengo tantas ganas de comprar el Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner en Sasa pero primero necesito dinero y una cuenta de paypal T___T (ademas de esperarme a la oferta del envió gratis hehe)
    No sabes cuanto deseo comprarme unas diademas de gatito como las tuyas! Se ven tan preciosas!x'3
    Por cierto te ves muuuy bonita y el cabello lavanda se te ve muuy bien!
    Espero tengas un lindo día!^^

  2. Ive heard so much about dolly wink lashes but i havent tried myself. I definitely need to check out sasa.

  3. i want to try dolly wink products one day..sadly sasa shipping is very expensive and plus taxes..dont think that i will ever buy something there :(

    i like this lavender color ^0^ but yea,i think pink suits you better :3

  4. Oh you're hair is nice! I like the lavender in it! It's like the most perfect shade of lavender! Hehe. And the DollyWink lower lashes (#14) are my favorites so far! I haven't tried them all though yet but I really like those ones! I love those cat ears!!

  5. Gahd, why does Dolly Wink have to be so expensive? Even 13 dollars seems like a lot, but hey, you pay for quality right?

    Any plans on doing a look or tutorial on the lashes?


  6. omg.. your hair looks really awesome..
    looks pretty on you.. =)

  7. I want to try some dolly wink products out!!
    I love those kitty headbands, I am debating if I actually want one ahah

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  9. cool items and i love your hair! :)
    anyway, i hope you could join my giveaway! it's open internationally :))
    xoxo. :3

  10. Love the haul~ I have the Dollywink eyeliner too! <3 Love it so, so much!

  11. Hi :3
    I'm having a cold, I googled about Kotakoti (coz I love photoshop jokes) and ended up here x3. Fun blog!
    Love your lavender hair dip dye btw!
    x, Lara

  12. I love the lavender hair! It really suits you & your style :) xx

  13. That lavender hair looks cool. Are you coloring all your hair with lavender? I think pink is okay too since it looks more girly. Whatever color you choose, it will look great on you.

  14. you're such a cutie!!! and great post~! ^^ looking forward to your upcoming ones~!

  15. woaaah I've always wanted those cat ear headbands~!!!! it's super cute <3

  16. Waaa cool! I was looking up One Spo and saw your cat headband photo and was like "I don't remember posting photos of that" haha I got those same ones from Charlotte too (I never go there either) and we have the same bedding....that's why I was like WTF. I just got Dolly Wink brown eyeliner in brown on clearance from Marukai off Balboa for $4!


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