Saturday, October 13, 2012

I'm a Bad Girl

Hey guys!
Lately I've been not so good. I promised myself that I wouldn't  do some things. Shop and dye my hair again. I did them anyways. I broke a promise with myself.

I died my hair again as you can see in the picture above. It's a brighter pink. The pastel pink I did it first faded in 3 washes and I was back to platinum blonde. I got this color mixing conditioner with Manic Panic's cotton candy pink and red passion. At first I didn't like the color too much because it was this bright emo pink, but in the first was turned into a lighter pink and I like it.

this is how the dye looked
On October 1st (that makes it look like I'm writing a diary). I went to get the October issue of Popteen, and oh god it was already sold out! I talked to the clerk there and told me that they don't import as many magazines now because the import taxes went up. So I got a subscription. Being there I bought the September issue of seventeen.
Obviously is not a gal magazine. I didn't really like it. Only bought it for the gift.
A Liz Lisa mirror, it is so kawaii! ♥

Speaking of Liza, I placed an order yesterday on their online store. I'm so excited. A couple of weeks ago they were selling this lucky bag because the online store turned 1 year. I sadly missed the sale and even the Shibuya 109 website was sold out. I read on tumblr that they had added new items, and I saw the bag in the front page I nearly hyperventilated. They added a limited amount of bags. So I bought it.
Of course I will make a post of what's inside once it gets to me. I also purchased this top from the sale section.

Also I placed another order on Taobao. There was one item that I wanted since my first purchase from there.

These are  not Liz Lisa replica, but they are close to the boots from last year's winter collection.The difference is that these are suede and have a rounder toe while the originals are leather and are pointy.

I purchased another Liz Lisa replica.
I really liked the dress when I saw it. But it is over $100 USD and is out of my possibilities considering local shipping, agent commission, and shipping from japan to me. So it went on sale and it was a little less expensive, but it sold out. So I purchased it from Taobao for about $30

I also purchased this adorable lash storage cases.
Well I have more stuff coming in the mail, but if I tell you everything now it wont be as fun, also I should be studying. So I'm ending it here.



  1. i love your pink tips! soo cute!!

  2. The liz lisa is so kawaii! : D Your hair is cute too! But... I guess sometimes we all break promises with ourselves..

  3. waw your hair is amaizing love it >:::<! and the liz lisa miror.......... i no habe words I WANT ONEEEEEE!!!! the eyelashes cases are so cute! you can take a photo in the interior? for see the type of eyelashes that have , because i bought the pink but i dont know what class of eyelashes have in the purple case

    thak you so much

    big huuuuuuuuuuuuuuug

  4. You. Got. The. CUTEST. Things!!! Seriously!
    And your hair! It's sooooo nice!!! Loves it

  5. omg thats a sooo cute haul :D
    i loveee the boots :D

  6. Love Liz Lisa. I love the dress!! :D

  7. LOVE THE CLOTHING! and the pink suits you so well :)

  8. Lol, I also bought an issue of Seventeen this year just for the gift : a Liz Lisa pouch ^^
    Oh God, these are the boots I also really want !! *-*


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