Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Taobao Haul

Hey guys!
After a long time consideration I made a purchase on Taobao using taobaospree as my agent. For the ones that do not know, Taobao is the Chinese equivalent of Ebay. Unfortunately you have to use an agent because the majority of the sellers do not ship overseas and you have to have a Chinese bank account to pay.

It is mostly cheap, lots of counterfeit items. Some people may not like it because "If you like a brand you should support it by purchasing the original." yes I agree to some extent. Trust me, if I had the money I would have already purchased every-single item from the Liz Lisa store. But since I don't I can only settle for this.

I only purchased 5 items because I wasn't very sure about the quality of the clothes, and also I was worried if I my stuff could get lost in the mail.

All the items came in this plastic envelope. I only ordered clothes so there is nothing that could've been damaged during the shipping.

Each item was wrapped individually. So here is what I purchased
3 Liz Lisa Replicas
My Melody bag. It cost me around $6, I've seen some ebay seller selling the exact bag for $30!
1 pink Shirt from Bonbon21

I was pleasantly suprised at how nicely the clothes feel. Obviously they don't feel as soft as the real Lis Liza, but it is good enough. The melody bag is so cute, even my mom likes it. I didn't like to much the pink shirt it is kind of a strechy material and the sleeves don't have any buttons. So my fist barely fits in there.

I had a good experience with TaobaoSpree, my agent was Cici, and she was phenomenal, answered every question I had, and they reply super fast!

Honestly I can't wait to purchase from there once again, there are so many cute clothes!



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  2. Hola Monica!^^
    Siempre me termina por gustar mucho la ropa que compras, es preciosa!>w< ~
    Yo no tenia idea de Taobao y que bien que tu compra fue un éxito!
    Adore la segunda replica de Liz Lisa ♥ y la bolsa es sooo cute!!x3
    Que estes bien, bye bye!;3

  3. *O* I love those!! That flower dress is my favorite but I like others too!! *O* That My melody bag is so cute~ I want to buy those too~ ^ ^

  4. Everything you bought looks super cute! Love the colors of the first dress!
    I haven't done any research on the shopping service prices tho, are they reasonable? :)

  5. I didnt know there was a chinese version of ebay, cute stuff though

  6. nice... follow you


  7. How much did you pay for all these items if I may ask..? I really love the first two dresses you got, perfect for autumn! I really like some Liz Lisa dresses from time to time but the prices are just not reasonable :/

  8. Hi, I was just wondering where you got your melody bag and liz lisa replicas? Thanks.. Wonderful post <3

    1. sorry, i just saw your comment
      got the liz lisa dresses from hellochild.taobao.com
      the melody bag I don't remember the shop, I didn't bookmark it, but I just typed on the search bar "my melody" and look for the chinese translation of "bag".

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog! :) I came back here to look at your taobao haul ^ ^ Thanks for your suggestion, only I read it too late and already placed an order with a different agent (Bhiner). So far so good...so excited for my items to arrive though one of them was out of stock. I almost got that same brown dress in your photo in red but changed my mind last minute.

    Which sellers would you recommend for Lis Lisa replicas?

  10. The first little blue dress is gorgeous, I love it !! And the bag is so cute ^-^


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