Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hey guys!
I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. I haven't post anything because I'm the middle of exams and I've been in nerd mode studying all week. I actually had a test yesterday and have two more coming next week. Anyways, so we all dressed up and went to downtown area better known as the Gaslamp to party a little since some of had to work today.
Unflattering photo, all of us sweaty
 I dressed up as the old school  80's version of the strawberry shortcake. My boyfriend as Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead. Cindy was a nurse, her date was I guess a wounded soldier, and my boyfriend's friend Eddie was Domo Kun. Which he was quite popular because he was asked to have his picture taken a couple times.

my costume
The Gaslamp was pack, you could barely walk. Anyways here are some pictures. There are not many because most of them came out so blurry.
the ginormous line to enter the club
I realized that in every photo my boyfriends is pointing that gun ... the hell
These two guys dressed up as walkers from The Walking Dead.
You could see this guy everywhere from the club.


  1. Oohhh your costume is very cute! I like the older Strawberry Shortcake more than the new one... the new on is cute... but too cute the old one is charming!! ahaha!

  2. Haha, Strawberry Shortcake :D. Nostalgic :D (Btw I don't even know how the new one!? looks like ;0)
    x, Lara

  3. Hola Monica!^^ (por cierto..te molesta si te llamo Mony o Nony?O:)
    Algo tarde pero..Espero hayas tenido un muy bonito Halloween!n.n Te ves bien bonita de Rosita Fresita (Strawberry Shortcake) heheh xD y yo también quisiera una foto con Domo-kun!D;
    Ojala te vaya muuy bien en los examenes y demas pendientes que tengas ^^ aquí también ando con bastantes pendientes .__.U pero por suerte ya se acercan las vacaciones hehe ^^
    Ten un bonito fin de semana!;3


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