Monday, March 26, 2012

More Japanese Stuff

Hey guys!
On Thursday a friend of mine went to eat japanese food and we decided to go to the Japanese market, we got some nice stuff, so I will show you what I bought.
Ok so I also dragged her to the japanese bookstore, and bought the April issue of Popteen with Tsubasa on the cover.
I've been flipping throught the pages and I love it. I can't read japanese but because they have tons and tons of images it is pretty easy to get a sense of what they are saying. Tutorials are super easy to follow. Anyways my favorite article has been this.100 outfits based on certain spring color. Obviously this is the blue pages.
Erasers were $1 each, the soccer ball is my boyfriend's. He got very excited when I gave it to him lol.
Daiso eyelashes, I love them, only $1.98!
Diamond lashes, these are "the dolly eye", I've been enjoying my diamond lashes from my last haul, that I decided to try out these.
Also got this Kamipita hair velcro thing. It is to hold your hair while you do your makeup. I wanted another color, but this was the only one left, so because I was only going to use it at home it didn't really matter what color it was.Super kawaii chopsticks! I don't even know why I got them, I don't even know how to use them.
A pen case.
Lastly, this pack of strawberry pocky! gotta love it.



  1. Cute & Lovely hauls!! I love the velcro thingy..^_^~

  2. lovely hauls dear..i wish i had that diamond lashes..such a cute lashes,,^_^V

  3. awww!!! fantastic shopping no?
    all cool!
    kiss cutie!

  4. MMM I <3 Pocky.. When I was in Japan years ago, they had a coffee version, niiice:)

  5. i've seen that hair bow thing before, it's so cute and really works!
    xx Jordan
    Boho Vanity

  6. I love eyelashes , you blog is very interesting , I follow you!
    te sigo linda!


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