Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Need to Vent: Kony 2012 is a SCAM

Hey guys!
I'm totally against the whole Kony 2012 campaign, and before you call me a heartless person, please read and then feel free to judge me.
Anyways, I first heard of this whole thing because people were SPAMMING videos from popular youtubers with "KONY 2012" "Stop Kony" "Make Kony famous." I decided to google it, and found the video from Invisible Children, and watched the whole thing.

I never heard of this guy before, so I obviously has moved the situation, but honestly, anything that involves kids and animals suffering people will make you feel bad.
In the video, Jason Rusell (the filmmaker) is asking everyone to make Joseph Kony famous so that it would be easier to capture him. He is also promoting this "kit" Invisible Children is selling, and is asking for donations.

If only awareness would solve the problems in the world, I guess there would no longer be starving children in Africa, no more hungry people in North Korea, no more animal cruelty would exist. Just saying!

Posting on facebook, blogging and tweeting about it doesn't help!
It has the same impact as you tweeting about how an amazing time you had last night with your friends! None.

So please, before you make a complete fool of your self spamming your facebook with Kony related posts, and wasting your money in Invisible Children you should educate yourself more and research the company!

-The LRA has not been active for the last 6 years!
-It is known that Kony is no longer in Uganda, that he is in Congo, and there is even a rumor that he is dead!
- Even if they find Kony, there is 99.9% change that someone else is going to take his place and be the new head of the LRA

The US Army, is looking for him in Uganda, seems like it is a waste of resources.
Fighting violence with violence?

Invisible Children is a shady business. It has a rating of 3 star out of 5 in, the figures I'm about to show you are Invisible Children's expenditures from 2010, you can find them here.

Jason Rusell's Salary $90,000 a year!
That is a good salary, the guy didn't make the film just because he felt compelled to do it, he did it because it is his job! He is the highest paid employee in the organization!

Total revenues in 2010 $13,000,000.
Not bad, considering it all comes from grants, donations, and from merchandise they sell to you!

Compensations were over $1,500,000

Jason Rusell's salary is included in line 5.

Travel expenses of $1,000,000.

This is what producing the films cost
Over a million dollars!

Want to know how much they spend lobbying?

Nada. They don't spend a dime lobbying for the cause, yet they spend a million dollars on traveling expenses.

This is the amount of money Invisible Children donated to Africa.Only 16% of their entire revenue.

You can deduct that the rest of the money goes to the officers pockets. Yet they are asking for more!

It seems to me that majority of the people just watched the video and believed everything the video explained, without looking further into the subject. You can't trust everything you see on the internet people!


Jason Rusell was arrested yesterday 03/15/12. Want to know why?
He was drunk and masturbating in public... disgusting!
News article here


  1. thanks so much for further going on detail on this, i tried to spread the word after watching it, but then found out that it was some kind of scam, i'm glad that i didn't purchase anything(almost did), but it's also good that they are spreading awareness. i wrote a post sharing the video a couple of days ago, but i'm going to link your post as a clarification if you don't mind :) thanks so much!

  2. Woah.. I never knew about this.. Thanks so much for all the information.. We need to get this out.. People all over the world are being scammed!

  3. I totally agree with you on this post! US is said to be interested in the Kony 2012 because of the sudden discovery of Oil near the border of Uganda and Congo, where Kony is. I think it's just a cover up.

    Thanks for the post! :)

  4. I've been waiting for someone to post this! FINALLY someone sees through the facade of these people. Thank you for posting this :D

  5. I totally think the whole story is made up too! I didn't even hear of the name before, and now it is so popular...

    1. he is real, however he has been keeping a low profile.

  6. With all due respect, thats not all true. The LRA has not been in Uganda for the past 6 years. However, they are still in existence, and have been since 1986. Joseph Kony is not "made up". If people actually did their research instead of believing everything on facebook, they would see that the United Nations officially indicted Jospeh Kony of war crimes against humanity a few years ago.
    I totally respect your opinion and anyone else's on the actual charity trying to raise money. But I don't think it's fair to downplay the severity of a real and very much ignored situation.

    1. Kony is a real person, and what he has done is horrible, no one is denying that. I just don't see how making him famous, and buying the kit will benefit his capture. If Kony is not in Uganda, the Ugandan army can't cross into other territories.

    2. The whole idea behind that charity campaign and the kit is to raise public awareness. When the American public has that information, they are supposed to write to our leaders to intervene and capture Kony. We have every right to since he is a war criminal. The government has the potential to step in but do not.
      I totally understand everyone's doubts on the IC charity, but reading comments people posts... I don't think they're actually looking up facts from either side. The people for and against it just believe everything they hear. So I wasn't jumping on you or anything, I just don't think some of the readers understand what's going on.

    3. yup, I understand your point. :)


    The charity group 'Invisible Children Inc’ started off with the benevolent intention to collect money to help these children. But in the last 3 years ‘Invisible Children’ has turned away from their original objective of charity for Africa to Charity that enriches them selves.

    'Invisible Children inc' directors have become so rich, they drive in fancy cars, own fancy houses. They pay themselves a basic minimum salary of $89,000 each, if you add benefits and allowances etc, each of them could easily earn at least $150,000. And those are earnings that they are declaring legally. How about what they do not declare?

    'Invisible children' directors have used the 'invisible children cause and concerts' to promote their individual music and film aspiration careers. At every major invisible children concert, these directors place ads about their music bands and film companies. Their ads very often supersede the concert cause.

    What is so annoying is that, the war of Joseph Kony that the 'Invisible children Inc’ capitalized on, has since ended over 3 years a go. So with the End of the war, 'Invisible Children Inc' funding started to trickle down. They had to invent new ways to invigorate and solicit new ways of collecting funds. So In 2010, they created a new campaign called 'invisible children state side'. This campaign was to collect funds on behalf of the poor Children of Uganda and claim that they were using this money in the United States rather than sending it to Uganda. They claimed that the money raised was to be used in the United States to influence policies in Washington rather than send it to help children in Uganda. Of this money raised with the ‘state side campaign’, less than 10% was received by the children of Uganda, for which they claim to advocate for.

    In 2011 they created another campaign they called 'Joseph kony LRA attacks and sitings website'. Here they also collected donations of money in the name of helping stopping Joseph kony attacks and making people aware of these attacks.


  8. Thank you for posting this! I can understand why some people jumped straight on the band waggon and I do suppose that it's a good thing that it's been brought into the eye of the public. Maybe it won't stick around forever but at least people will have some knowledge because knowledge is power.

    I did get quite a few e-mails from some of my own blogders asking me to blog about this but I wanted to see what the outcome was. If everyone knows about Kony, and if everyone posts about him in one go, then what's it going to do? Sure, it'll make people know him and maybe cause peer pressure for people to buy the kit but in a month's time, who was gonna remember him? People would just look back thinking, "Oh yeah, I wonder whatever happened to that guy."

    I think the Invisible Children did a magnificent job of bringing this story to light and they did a spectacular job of promoting themselves. I just think Invisible Children is a shady org and there are so many others that might help to actually look after any of the children that are abducted by the LRA who have escaped.

  9. everyone one of you who disagree can go fuck yourselves... you have no heart. its not a fucking scam. ive been following invisible children since i was 12. my little sister is 12 now. and to have a thought knowing that if we were there, she would be in danger of being abducted and becoming a sex slave. killed. anyone of you who disagree is every reason why i hate the world we live in today. you dont know shit about whats going on outside you your little nest egg in america... open your fucking eyes...

  10. you guys make me sick.

  11. Strange...does anyone else think that someone with a "heart" would attack other people's opinions which are backed up with facts provided in the blog above? And to use such language...

  12. Researched by a blogger...IT MUST BE TRUE!

    1. word its a blogger yall belive a blogger smh

  13. In the 1930's no one did anything to stop Hitler and the Third Reich. How many died? How many suffered? Before that Stalin slaughtered around 17 million Russians because no one wanted to do anything. No one had the will to stop Idi Amin = slaughter in Uganda. Pol Pot in Cambodia Another that was not stopped. It is senile gutless little ineffectual pricks like this that has let these maniacs do this shit. To change the world we need to change. Take some action or shut the fu*k up, stick your head in the sand or whatever for you will never achieve anything!

  14. BOLLOCKS why do you have to pick everthing apart??

  15. I have seen this kony crap in my town of NB TX. I saw the vid first.. did not make it five minutes into it before I remembered Obama wanted to invade another nation.. Uganda.. to fight the LRA... Boots are already on the ground RIGHT NOW training the ugnadains... but right as the desicion to send them was made this kony vid was getting popular....

    Nope.. LIking a post wont get a dead man or a shut in... eating all the unwanted food on your plate does not feed anyone else. Their are problems all over and wishing does fix em.... I think what is paramount is that we fix the problems in our own nation before we pretend to have moral superiority to pass judgement and enforcement on others.

    My sick nation... it has invaded Iraq, Afghanistan , Bosnia, Libya , Syria, Uganda , and on and on and on... whether we install military instructors to teach the native how to raise armies and where we think they should fight OR whether we send our own boys to die for causes not relevant to our safety / security.

    DOn't feel bad if you find out kony is a scam... just stop helping perpetuate the scam and warn others.

  16. Also I forgot to say good on you for warning others

  17. Tip: Look into "AFRICOM". This is not a "waste of money" per se - just the fruits of a fake grassroots propaganda campaign to get a US/western military foothold in Africa. You might want to look at the whole China-US situation, and China's growing presence in Africa for some background.

    Then there's all that OIL. Yep - HUGE reserves, possibly rivaling Saudi Arabia's were found in Uganda late 2009. Trying to make out that the US was responding to pressure from their organization, and not in their own IMMEDIATE self-interest is another deception.

    Essentially, the video was aimed at a demographic who are most often "anti-war" and actually get them to campaign FOR military "humanitarian" intervention. It's psychologically manipulative and totally diabolical.

    Ever since I saw that Kony 2012 vid I smelt a scam...but one far more diabolical than someone profiteering off a dubious charity. Seriously, keep sharp, because I'm predicting more fake grassroots campaigns to come...and probably more sophisticated in their believability.

    Whenever the solution offered is "humanitarian intervention" I'd personally be very wary and start digging into the associated geopolitical issues.


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