Monday, March 12, 2012

Liz Lisa Haul

Hey guys!
I'm so happy because now I own clothes from Liz Lisa!
For the people who don't know about Liz Liza, it's a Japanese gyaru clothing line. Everything, it's so pretty and cute! also expensive.

The thing about Liz Lisa, and other Japanese brands is that they don't ship overseas, so people like me who do not live in Japan, can't really get the products unless, they have family or a friend in Japan (which I don't) or use a shopping service, the one I used was which is advertized on the Liz Lisa website.

So, I purchased a fukubukuro ( translates into lucky bag, or mystery bag). In Japan they have a tradition that during the new years eve they would sell these bags filled with goodies from the store. The catch? the value of the contents surpasses the price, and you don't know what you will get. So yes, they are very popular. I'm blogging here about a product that came out in December, but I purchased it in February, but my bag got stock in Customs for a month!

The One I purchased was the Princess Ribbon Boston for ¥5250 (around $64 USD) and here are the contents that came with my bag.

Brown spaghetti strap shirt, retails for ¥4095!

Checkered dress ratails for ¥9345!
White fluffy sweater ¥7245!

So you see that the value total of the items is..¥20,685 (around $251 USD) crazy! plus you get the free bag.

Also, couldn't help to wonder into the "Sale section" which some items were 80% off, so I got myself a floral sweater.
The retail price was ¥7245, but got it for ¥1995!

I love my new clothes so much! I'm ending this post abruptly here because I'm about to leave for school.



  1. wow! i want this bag! xD cool clothes dear!
    Beautifull *-*
    Kiss and hug

  2. me also loving the Liz Lisa, luvs the sweater...looks pretty comfy and really cute! Nice hauls..loves them all ^_^~

  3. OMGS! I love liz lisa! How do you shop online for liz lisa? : D Please teach me!

  4. Liz Lisa seems to be very cute. I like your bag so much!

  5. thank you <3, yet it is super simple!

  6. You're so lucky to get fukubukuro!! I remember reading this issue of popteen and crying inside haha

  7. Hi Monica ! I recently discovered your blog and I love your posts about Liz Lisa <3 I'm a big fan of this brand and it's so cool to discover other girls who love it too ^-^

    I have a blog on Liz Lisa (both in French and English) :

    And...I'm running a giveaway so please come to try to win some Liz Lisa items :)



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