Friday, March 23, 2012

Fox Tails!

Hey guys!
Apparently I'm late on this trend. I was googling about it and found some articles dated from 2010. It's about the fox tail keychains.
Recently I have seen the fox tail keychains on the Japanese magazines, and I love the way they look. I think it is a fun way to accessorize your purse. I've seen the whole accessorizing your purse with a scarf, and small keychains, but I don't like the way that looks, so generic, like something an older woman would do.

The fox tails look very playful, and they come in many colors and patters, they are so unique. The best of all is that I have seen some pictures of customized fox tails, and they look even cuter!.
I want one so bad!

I actually purchased one from ebay on sunday, but I haven't received any updates from the seller, ugh. I hate when sellers do that, I mean, if the buyer pays for the item immediately, you shouldn't take forever to drop a package to the post office.

Anyways, I purchased a white one, and it is faux fur, because I find it a bit creepy to have a real fox tail. The majority of real tails that are on ebay are around $15 USD and come from China, but I really wanted to abstain from buying from China because from what I've seen from videos they are very cruel to animals, they litteraly peal their fur from their skin while the animal is still alive! Buying faux doesn't hurt anyone right? Faux is actually cheaper too!

So what do you think about the fox tail keychains?



  1. I love foxy tail a lot! >< always sinthetic of course! i will buy one...chesire colour! >< i have a picture in my blog!
    Kiss dear!

  2. OMG!!! THEY LOOK GORGEOUS! >< But I think I'll spend money on other stuff before this. Anyway it'll be in my wishlist too 8D

  3. I search for 6 month, and i don't find :/ but the latter are beautiful *-*

  4. Fox tails are the most nice accessories!: D They used to be so popular, I love the last picture!

  5. I love fox tails! I haven't seen them in the stores before although I know last year H&M were selling a relatively small one but I wanted a bigger one so I never bought it! Of course synthetic fox tails are always nicer than the real ones. :)


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