Saturday, April 7, 2012

SM Town in Anaheim!

Hey guys!
Sorry I've so M.I.A. these weeks. I realized that I haven't even posted a video on youtube in nearly 2 months.  I have been busy with school, I'm having exam after exam, and homework, and work. I actually, had 2 weeks of Spring Break, and guess what I did? STUDY! The first day of class coming from spring break we had a test. My professors are so inconsiderate.

Anyways, this week, AllKpop posted the news that the SM Town tour was set to start in May in Anaheim! I live in San Diego, so it's only 2 hours away! A lot people were complaining about the short notice, because, I think it was on Monday that they announced the tour, and the tickets went on sale on Thursday April 5th. Only 3 days notice to get the money!.

Especially when you see the ticket prices!

Honestly I was going to the concert alone because I don't know anyone in real life who likes kpop. But my boyfriend said no. He said he was worried I was going alone so he is going with me (he secretly likes Girls' Generation shhh). Getting the tickets was such a hassle, the server crashed not once, not twice, but 3 times in my attempt to get nice seats.

I got front row tickets!.... in section 409 lol. It's just that Ticketmaster charges ridiculous "processing fees" that's why I couldn't afford better seats. I went on the Powerhouse website, and they are not charging those fees, and almost for the same price I can get tickets in the 200 section, but it is in the back.

I have a huge dilemma, 409, I'm in front row, but far from the stage. 207 I would be in the back, but closer to the stage, but in the middle of the entire venue. If some artist decide to perform on the other side of the stage, I would just see their backs... mm what do to?

I think I will be keeping my 409 front row ticket. I'm short so everyone is taller than me, and blocks my view. In section 409 I won't have to worry about it. If I get tired of standing up, I can sit down and no one will block my view. Besides, they have screens and all.
Also, I'm only going because I want to see SHINee, I like the other groups, but SHINee is my ultimate favorite, and since the show is only 3 hours long, I might only see SHINee for around 30 minutes. Not worth paying more. I'm also excited to see EXO since they are debuting next week..
So here are a list of things to do before the concert on May 20th.
- Get a nice camera with super zoom (Canon Powershot SX40 HS it was a zoom of 35x!, most cameras only have 5x)
- Buy SHINee glow stick
- Get the baloons from pearlaquaocean
- Learn the fanchats.
- Decide what to wear.
- Pay my car Plates.
-  Save money for SM Town goods!
- Meet more Shawols
-  Drive safe to the venue.
- Don't fall off the balcony during the concert.

Is anyone going? lets be friends :)


PS I've now realized that I sound like fangirl.


  1. It's nice that you have tickets and that your boyfriend is going with you! I hope you both have a great time. I hope you are having a fantastic Easter weekend!

  2. i hope i can go also..T_T
    -have a nice time there..:)Enjoy(^_^)

  3. I live in San Diego too (on MCAS miramar) and i'm 15 (16 in june) and i was wondering if anybody in the San Diego county area would be interested in setting up a carpool up to the concert? One of the main reasons my parents are iffy is cause of the gas (even though it's only 2-3 hours away >_< ) and a carpool would help with that i think. Anyway. Just throwing that out there...San Diego SMTOWN 2012 carpool anyone? (^__^)


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