Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yumetembo Order

Hey guys!
I really like browsing on Yumetembo, but I had never purchased anything from there until a couple weeks ago!

Only ordered these 3 items.

This cute mint pullover is perfect for this weather, very light and not too warm.

I wanted a Liz Lisa "style type" of skirt, it is great beacause it is 1/3 of the prize of Liz Lisa and has shorts underneath.

These shoes you guys had already seen them on my last outfit post

I was really surprised how quick shipping was, Only took like 4 days!

I can't wait to wear the skirt and pullover.



  1. I ordered from DreamV a while ago too - last week! Shipping is crazy fast! I was like... O.O HOW DID THIS GET HERE!? And you got some awesome cute things!!

  2. I love your sweater and skirt sooo much <3

    waiting your OOTD with these :)

  3. I actually really love that pullover ;)

  4. Love the sweater!

  5. The skirt and sweater is so adorable!

  6. Oh sweetie everything is absolutely cute. i lvoe the design and color of the shoes, the skirt is really cutie ad cute pullower.


  7. Nunca habia escuchado de la tienda Yemetembo!O:
    Me he enamorada de tu falda!!!♥___♥ seve tan bonita!!x'3
    Espero que disfrutes mucho de tus compras, Nony!(n__n)
    También espero que todo ande muy bien en tu casa, saluditos!(^^)/

  8. I know, I was really surprised at how fast shipping was from DreamV. Of course, the price is not very cheap, but it is worth it. You got some great things. I love them all. I was looking at those shoes too!

  9. Sweetie like the stuacion with GFC is really weird. Now I´m following in Bloglovin´I hope your follow me back.



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