Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yesstyle selling Liz Lisa, Me Jane and Golds Infinity... say what?

Hey guys!
Remember my last post about yesstyle?

Well, today when I logged in on tumblr I checked the Liz Lisa tag as usual, and what do I see. Apparently like the title of this post reads, Yesstyle is now selling well known Japanese brands like Liz Lisa, Me Jane and Golds Infinity.

I will be doing the comparison with Liz Lisa, since it is the brand I'm the most familiar with.

My first thought was they they would be selling replicas some of their well known designs from older collections.  But like you can see from the image below, they are selling the new spring collection. The prices are similar to the one in the Liz Lisa site.
But coming back to my previous post. I don't know for sure if they are original Liz Lisa, since you can already can get these items on taobao for cheaper, and yesstyle sometimes sells taobao stuff for a higher markeup. Also if you read Liz Lisa's disclaimer on their page. (click to enlarge)
After reading the disclaimer you find out they don't sell their stuff anywhere else but their physical stores and webshop.

Honestly I'm, dying to find out whether the LL at yesstyle is real, but spending $80 dollar just to find out seems like a waste. Maybe I'll buy something when it is sold out at the webshop.



  1. OMG!!! I'm really happy about that!! Wow ~ I'm going to check it out now! Thank you so much for posting this!

  2. Wow! Liz Lisa? I would be happy to buy!

  3. I've never owned any Liz Lisa - there aren't any stores ANYWHERE. D;
    And shipping is so expensive.. Ah, the many troubles of females... -.-
    Haha, but yesstyle has such super cute clothes! >w<

  4. If those really aren't replicas, it would be pretty awesome. I'd love to own something from Liz Lisa (LOVE that brand!). But it's so expensive. Ahhh.

    The Girly Gamer

  5. That is strange :/ The shop even has a Liz Lisa banner! Maybe they have got a license to sell them.. or then they are fakes .. should contact Yesstyle and ask :/
    ^URL changed again, hacker issue :P

  6. Kinda wanna test it out since it's on sale right now and I mean... I'm so curious to if it's real or not!! It would be awesome if it is real because some things sell so fast of Liz Lisa and if you can get it else where that would be nice. But I mean, if the REAL Liz Lisa store says you can only buy it from them.... :/ I'm not inclinded to believe it's real just yet.

  7. I wanna try and buy one Liz Lisa item (not the highest xD) from Yesstyle.
    I only own one Lis Lisa dress that I bought in Japan and I really love it <3

  8. Wow... amazing! ;) Maybe, can we follow each other? :)

  9. Estoy me hace levantar aun más sospechas de yesstyle (>__<) pero seria fabuloso si resulta ser verdad D; yesstyle juega con nuestros sentimientos (?) </3 heheh ^^U

  10. Hello!
    Liz Lisa, Tralala, Mars, Gold's Infinity debuted at Anime Expo in July. LA gyaru's were working there. They are trying to spread gyaru fashion in America. They are real on yesstyle. For me, I would rather buy from Liz Lisa website because they have better deals and it's updated more often.

    <3 Sachiko


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