Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Blog Layout

Hey guys!

I have changed my blogskin. Originally I didn't really do much to the old one, except for adding a background, and some things here in there.
bye old bloskin
I was very bored with that one. Last week I decided to start working on this one. God it is so much time consuming. I did everything myself. All the graphics, and they had to be perfectly aligned with each other so that they would look nice. I'm not html savvy,  I haven't customized anything since the myspace days so everything I knew about html is long gone.
So here it is!
I think it looks so much prettier and much pinker! Still work in progress but I couldn't stand my old layout anymore.

How do you guys like it?



  1. It looks so good!! It will go good with Liz Lisa things. ^.^

  2. I really like your new layout, so girly and cute! :3

  3. It really is super cute! I love how pink and girly it is. c:
    I've been wanting to change mine too, mostly because I can't seem to get the comment system to work right on my current blog. Ah, why does HTML have to be so difficult!

    The Girly Gamer

  4. thank you for ur lovely comment on my blog :)
    following u now :) really hope that my hk trip will be all good >___< hope to see u dropping by again later! :)

    xx, Connie

  5. It's very cute :3
    x, Lara

  6. Ahora tu blog se ve aun más bonito Mony!!(^^) Hiciste un muy buen trabajo!! Y si, claro que me gusta!! Espero que todo este muy bien! Te mando muchos saludos!!o(>∇<o)

  7. i like it~


  8. thx for visiting me, would you like to follow each other? ;)

  9. Its very cute! I love the pink!

  10. Oh sweetie looks really lovely. Is sweet, soft and pink that is all than I love. Really beautiful your new tenmplate.



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