Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yesstyle and Taobao

Hey guys!

I honestly have bittersweet experiences with yesstyle. I love their huge selection of clothes, I love that it is so easy to browse the website, and even that you can filter the results by down to the color of the items.

But there have been two times that I have been dissatisfied with yesstyle. One time I bought a dress, when the dress arrived it was defective the sewing was just sloppy. The dress had some ruffles that were supposed to be in the right in the middle, and they were more left centered. Tried to return it but  they made it almost impossible. I needed their approval! I had to send photos and the customer service representative still said it was not defective! I tried until I finally managed to get their approval.

Other time I purchased a dress from the sale section and had some suspicious stains. Couldn't even return it or exchange it or whatever because the items in the sale section are final sale.

These two incidents have prevented me from shopping there again. I usually visit their site just to look at the clothes, but with no intention of buying, and since I discovered Taobao I've found that they sell stuff from Taobao at ridiculous markups!

Here are some examples

On Yesstyle this bag retails for $50 USD. Currently it is on sale for $40 Here
Same bag, different color on Taobao for 69 Yuan (approx $11 ISD) Here

The laceup boots, they are basically a knockoff of Liz Liza Winter 2011 Boots. Original price $62 Here 

I Bought the same ones for about $15 USD Here

 This Blazer retails for $75 on Yesstyle Here
Found it on Taobao, even  modeled by the same girl for 139 Yuan (approx $22 USD) Here

 Regular retail price is $32. It's on sale now. Here
Modeled by the same girl again. 83.20 Yuan (approx $13 USD) Here

Basically if I would've Purchase those four items from Yesstyle the total would've come to $219. While on Taobao would've been $61. HUGE difference.

Honestly, I don't think I will purchase from yesstyle again. Unless it is something very hard to find.



  1. Okay.. Gotta reconsider about Yesstyle ;0 !

  2. wow, what a difference! :o
    My experience of yesstyle has been good so far, but the price difference was huge. Thanks for the post. ~

  3. I've never heard about yesstyle until this post, but wow, what a difference in price. I don't think I'll be shopping there, haha.
    I would shop on Taobao, but it's all very confusing to me. I know there's sites to use to shop on Taobao, so maybe someday I'll figure it out! Also, all of those things you showed on this post are incredibly cute, I can't believe their so cheap!

    The Girly Gamer

  4. I find Yestyle to be grossly overpriced as well. I like to look at their cosmetics and it's ridiculous how much more it is! The only time it's worth shopping at Yestyle is when it's on sale. But my sister shops from them often and she says that the key is to shop whenever they have a sale and to check online for discount coupons. Most of the time, they work.

  5. I have never ordered for taobao before... seems like a hassle to me, but I do buy from yesstyle quite often... but I normally actually buy make up from them the most and I try to get the free shipping option as well. But I've heard this quite a lot about all the clothes and bags (and shoes) to be honest.

  6. ah, good comparison. i'm pretty sure they're coming from the same manufacturing (probably from China where they tend to do mass production)... Sometimes they have the same item on ebay with cheaper price as well. I'm affiliated with yesstyle but am thinking to discontinue because I did purchase something from there and was dissatisfy with one of the items. still debating, but might cancel it.

    forget about returning! shipping the item back to China/Hong Kong is a pain in the butt.

  7. Wow, major price difference! I wish I knew how to read Chinese to use that site (heard so much of it) but even with Google translator, I wouldn't trust the translation so much. I usually just shop for Asian clothes on eBay!


  8. I knew about this so never purchased anything from yesstyle. Thanks, great post :)

  9. omg.... you are so pretty~ and yea... i think you and your bf's height difference is about the same as me and my boyfriend....


  10. Omg I find this store and wow the price are really high, many thanks for this. I want ask you something where I can purchase clothes and shoes a good price? Please answer me with on comment on my blog please. I know a lot about makeup but no to much about clothes.


  11. Bummer.That their prices are too high! Thanks for the heads up. :)

  12. Hmm.. i've never purchased from yesstyle. Sorry to hear about the bad experience >.< and yeah, that's definitely a huge price difference.

  13. love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  14. Thank you for writing about this! Gosh, I was looking for a site like TaoBao! It has so many cute things for really cheap, yay ^^

    Xo CeeCee

  15. Esto es bastante decepcionante de yesstyle :/ y creo que ya había visto algo parecido en otro blog, pero en este caso vendiendo productos de Daiso a precios super exagerados (solo que no recuerdo si era en yesstyle u otro sitio ^^U).
    Aunque también es una lastima que sea ta difícil comprar en Taobao (u___u") me iré a vivir a China (>.<)9 (bueno, mejor no..)
    Espero que te encuentres muy bien Mony!! Muchos saluditos!!( ^∇^)ノ

  16. I've also found a couple of items I got from some random Chinese wholesale store on YesStyle marked up like $60, so yea I definitely think that they just get the same stuff from various Chinese wholesalers.

    Really loving your blog, it's soo cute!

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  18. Do you know how I can delete my yesstyle account? I don't want to shop there anymore thanks to you! I'm gonna switch to better shopping sites! :33


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