Thursday, November 8, 2012

Taobao Haul No. 2 + Popteen+ some exciting news

Hey guys!
Here are some of my items of my mega October haul are here! My order arrived like 2 weeks ago, but I've been studying so I haven't had much time to post anything.

I  received my taobao order.
Dress from this year's collection

Over the Knee Boots
The eyelash storage cases
Aren't the cases so cute? They store 3 pairs of lashes.

I also went to the Japanese market to pick up the November Issue of Popteen. Also while browsing on ebay I found on ebay the October 2011 issue of Popteen for $5. I loved all of the fall coordinates.

On the left is the October 2011 issue, right the November 2012 with Rola as the cover girl
I loved this spread from October 2011, I think I could use this as inspiration for outfits I can wear at the office.
Some spreads I liked from the November Issue.
I was debating to tell you guys this or not.
It is just that we mexicans are so supersticious. We don't tell the good news  until it is for sure  because we believe if we tell someone they might wish us bad luck, and their wish might come true!

But anyways this Saturday is the SBS Kpop Super Concert In Irvine. So Girls Generation, 2NE1, KARA, Sistar, 4minute, B2ST and CNBLUE will be performing. I bought tickets for the concert, but the thing is that his concert has already been postponed 3 times. So this entire time I've been wary if they postpone it again.

So obviously like every concert they had the VIP tickets with additional perks. One of them is a fanmeet with any of the groups of your choice. I just bought regular tickets without any of those perks. Then they announced on the facebook page that the non-VIP ticket holders can enter a raffle to attend one of the fanmeets for a group of our choice.

I entered the raffle just to test my luck. I'm so unlucky I never win anything. I've only won a raffle ONCE in my entire life. And it is not that I do not buy tickets for raffles, I do, it just that I never win.  I just have to be the unluckiest person out there. So without any hope I entered.

Yesterday I received this email

I nearly hyperventilated. I feel so blessed!
They are my favorite group and I will get to see them so close ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ.
I'm crossing fingers everything will work out as planned on Saturday, and that SBS won't postpone the concert again because if they do I might just die. 



  1. Awww gratz for your VIP ticket :D! And love the dress & boots :3
    x, Lara

  2. omg :oo You're so lucky^^ I feel so happy for you:)
    I love that dress *O* It must look good on you:)

  3. WOAHHHHH!~ CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's so awesome! Wow! You're so lucky! I hope you have a nice time at the concert and you really enjoy it and you wear a nice outfit inspired by your new clothes! XD

  4. Y como siempre Monica tus compras son PRECIOSAS!!!(*≧ v ≦)♥
    Disfrutalo muchisimo y diviertete!!!!o(^o^o)
    Te tomas muuuchas fotos heheeh xD
    Espero que no cambien de nuevo la fecha x3 y que estes muy bien!^^

  5. I'm so excited for you and at the same time so jelly. If I were in your place I doubt I'd even be able to choose out of all the acts playing.

    Hope to hear about your experience soon :3


  6. Nice Haul! I really need to try ordering from Taobao xD
    Wow grats on getting to meet Girls Generation. I am not a big fan of those groups so I wouldn't even go xD

  7. OHMYGOSH!! YOU ARE SO LUCKY!*Q* I envy you!
    And you can see B2ST in concert too;-; my favourite~~
    I'm very happy for you^-^

    I love that dress and those boots:3 So cute! And the lashcase is awesome~


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