Sunday, November 11, 2012

Meeting Girls' Generation

Hey guys!
In my last post I mentioned that I won a fanmeet with Girl's Generation. So yesterday we drove to Irvine to meet them. They told us the fanmeet was going to be held at 3:00pm so and that the doors to the amphitheater were going to open at 11:00 so my boyfriend and I planned to leave at 11:00 since Irvine is only 1:30 away from San Diego. Well, my dad got very sick in the morning my mom had to take him to the doctor. My dad never gets sick. NEVER. Not even a little cough. He all of a sudden got a fever and started shaking. I got scare because he got so pale. So I left until 12:00 when my dad got better.  He is doing fine now.

Anyways we got there at like 1:30 or something. We got in line because there people already lined up. So at 3:00 they let us in in the tent. Surpriginsly there were more guys than girls at the fanmeet. Girls's Generation did not showed up until 2 hrs later. They told us the fanmeet was going to last 20 minutes. It only lasted 8 minutes. YES WE WAITED 3:30 hours TO ONLY SEE THEM FOR 8 MINUTES. Sadly I couldn't see all nine of them because there were some ridiculously tall guys in the very front. I was like 6 people away from them.
It was sunny but very cold
They are so pretty in personal. It is almost surreal. Seohyun threw me a heart ♥. Yuri was standing in front of me, she was the first one I saw. Hyoyeon was all smiles and Taeyeon was so dorky. Jessica looked tired, but smiling. Tiffany was pretty much the only one who spoke.  I couldn't see Yoona, Sunny and Sooyoung.

waiting and waiting and waiting
Here are the pictures that my boyfriend took for me.

this guys won a dance contest and his price was a photo with SNSD

byee soshi
So I have more pictures, but I think those were the best ones.
Here are some videos. Not mine from the Fanmeet.

Later in the week I will upload the other pictures from the concert.



  1. you were so close to them! :o luckyyy~ ;)

  2. Happy you had a great time :)
    x, Lara

  3. I'm so jealous of you! GG is awesome! I'm not a hardcore fan but I lovee their songs! Glad you had a great time! Wish you get to take pictures with them though. Celebs should at least allow their fans to take pictures with them!

  4. you're so lucky! :D They're going to have a concert in our country too but I can't go because of school. fml =_=


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