Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quest for Pink Hair part 2

Hey guys!
So for the previous part so I won't have to explain all over again click here.

So I had to bleach my hair again.I think it got darker. It got from this
To this brassy ugly yellow.
I thought that toner will solve the problem and it did. I used Manic Panic Virgin Snow.
I got such a nice color and my hair looked so nice! For some reason I thought it was not light enough, and made a big mistake. I REALLY regret what I did next.

I bleached it again, I used heat when I bleached my hair, the other times I didn't and washed it with purple shampoo...
The result.

Brittle hair, no shine, and uber dried hair. Really regret going for that extra bleach. It wasn't even necessary. My hair just feels so thin I feel it is just going to melt if I blowdry it.

I even used my Joico K-pak intense hydrator and did nothing for my poor hair.

So since I reached the platinum shade I needed for pink I went for it.

I used Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink and diluted it with conditioner until I got a Pepto-Bismol Pink.
My poor hair during the process.

So the end result looks like this.
I like how the color turned out, but I don't like touching my hair anymore. I feel like it will break.

Honestly, I'm not exactly sure how I feel after all. It might be the only time I do this to my hair (try to get it to platinum blonde), because I don't like how it looks damaged. I might cut the pink off soon, because I'm now fearing it will give me horrible split ends... I see them coming!

The sad thing is that I will have to wait to grow it out all over again. It sucks.

So I guess I could say "Mission Accomplished?"



  1. Hola Monica!^^
    Yo de verdad habia estado esperando esta entrada tuya porque también quiero teñirme de rosa mi cabello pero lo he estado dudando bastante >~<
    Principalmente porque tengo miedo de dañar mi cabello, de lo caro que puede ser y porque soy pelirroja y quiza no luzca tan bien como en castañas (ademas de que siempre mi familia y amigos me han dicho que nunca me pinte el cabelo hehe)
    Yo creo que al final te ha quedado un cabello precioso aunque es una lastima que se haya dañado u.u espero pronto tu cabello recupere su fuerza ;3
    Saludos!n.n ~

  2. It looks so awesome! ^^ You're so pretty and your hair is gorgeous! ^ ^

  3. I really liked the third pic's color. Looked lovely until the fourth pic. Pink ends look great on you but yeah so much of bleaching is no fun. Good thing is that you bleached your ends and not the whole hair.


  4. Your hair looks beautiful! I actually like both of the blonde shades as well, haha!

    And I never knew a toner can improve your hair color that much!

  5. Ayyee! As a cosmetologist I can tell u that second bleach was unnecessary. If you actually want to achieve a pink color you don't have to pull your hair all the way to blonde. You just need to pull it to a brass. I'd gone for a darker pink.
    Trim about 2 inches and try some intense Conditioning. Honestly once ur hair is past that point of damage there's nothing you can do :(

  6. nice! i want pink hair too...but i am scared it would look bad on me~


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