Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Liz Lisa Autumn Winter Collection 2012

Hey guys!
I've been checking the Liz Lisa online store a lot these past weeks. Little by little they are adding new items for the Autumn Winter Season. Seems like this season has a little bit of a more mature and a little less of the cutesy princessy style. There are still a lot of cute things though.

Here is their look book
I love the shirt and the pants. Not much of a fun of the big kit cardigan.
I love this look from head to toe! did you happened to noticed the tattoo tights?
 I really like the boots in this outfit. But I don't like the one piece suit.
The shoes are to die for. She is also wearing tattoo tights. The only thing I don't like is the blazer. It is cute on its own, but I don't think it goes well with this coord.
Again they are killing me with those shoes, they are so adorable I would like a pair for myself!
Shoes shoes shoes! I like the top with the asymetrical cut.

Here are some other things

 These shoes are the combo of oxfords and creepers. I personally like the ones on the right better.
These are my favorite handbags form the store. They kind of look like a cute business portfolio. I love the both colors in comes in.

I'm in love with both the shirt and the skirt. Especially like the little bow belt.

This outfit looks perfect together.

This is the blazer that I said I did not like on that particular outfit. It was a super cute behind!

What are your favorite items?


  1. I love those skirts and that blazer in the end^^ Thanks for sharing:) I love it!!

  2. Some of the outfits are cute. I feel like Liz Lisa is getting boring...every season seems the same to me

  3. Love the color scheme~~ But yeah, their style definitely has changed!

  4. I like this all items! Liz lisa is one of my favourite Japanese brands, so there new collection is something!

  5. I love the last outfit a lot ! Indeed, the blazer is cute but you're right : not so much with the outfit they used it for :/
    The handbags are cute, they remind me of an old school style :)


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