Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Green Lipgloss

Hey guys!
I'm sure many of us have notice when we go makeup shopping the crazy variety in shades of pink and red on lip glosses. Colors that would seem the most natural or normal. But what about unconventional colors? There are hardly any yellow, blue and green lip products out there!

I know you might be thinking that it would look so unflattering and that it would resemble  something close to Shrek. Not at all. On the contrary is very flattering on the lips, especially if you have pigmented lips because green will neutralize any redness.

One day I was just casually shopping at my local CCO and stumbled across a discontinued MAC tendertone in a green shade. I immediately bought it. Since then I've been in the lookout for green lipglosses. Very few are available, most of the time they are limited edition shades or high end brands with prices I cannot afford. Here is my little collection.

 MAC Tendertone in Tread Gently,Sephora Sweet Candy Gloss in Lime and MAC Tendertone in Shush!

I know I also have somewhere MAC Lustreglass in Spring Bean, but since I moved to the new room, I haven't been able to find it. It was really my favorite because I had used half the product already.

Here are some swatches
On the Right, Lime left is Sush!

As you can see they are not pigmented at all, I've seen that most green glosses are sheer. So they don't stain your lips green. Below is a picture of my bare lips, and on the bottom one I'm wearing the Sephora Lime gloss.

As you can see it only makes my lips look glossy, no weird color. I can't use clear lip gloss for this kind of look because my lips are somewhat pigmented and clear gloss makes the redness much more prominent.

So I would reccomend if you see any green glosses check them out!



  1. I think the green lip gloss is meant to balance out the red of the lips for a more nude-brown color. Sort of like how blue cancels out yellow etc.

    The color looks especially good on you as well :)

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. that is so cool- at first you think the color would look bizarre but i think it does color correct like ada said- looks great on you!

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

  3. haha love how u related the lip gloss to shrek! but it actually does look really good on! thanks for opening our eyes to more lip glosses :) followed ur blog! hope u can come check out mine and follow it too if you like? ;)

  4. Aww how cute. I never would have thought of trying green lip gloss. It looks very nice and natural on you!

  5. I don't think I would ever consider a green gloss if it weren't for your post. The colour do look very natural!!



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