Sunday, June 10, 2012

F21 Hauling+ Big Bang Alive tour

Hey guys!
I hadn't gone to Forever21 recently. Last time I went there was in February (I think). I hadn't had a reason to go because I prefer to buy my clothes online. But I had been looking for a particular item all over the internet, a flower headpiece. They are very cute, and perfect for spring, I've seen they are quite popular this season, but I didn't wan to spend so much on them since it is only a fad.
 Well I went to f21 because momoaisu hauled these, I asked her where she got them from. From f21 and only $1.50 ea! I only got these 3 out of the 5 different colors.
Once I was there, I looked for jeans because I needed a new pair. I got these for only $10.50!
 I don't love them love them, because they are are stretch jeans. They are the worst kind of clothes you can wear when you are trying to lose weight because the jeans will adapt to the size of your body. You can't tell if you have gained or lost weight. 

I also bought 2 camis for $2.80 each, but they are not worth posting about lol. 

Anyways, so earlier this week Bib Bang announced two dates of their Alive tour in the US, and Los Angeles is one of them. Now I have a dilemma(s) if I should go or not. Here they are

1-I'm not the biggest VIP, I admit I recently started to listen to them, and have like them a lot so far. 
2-Kpop group don't tour very often in the US.
3- Money, I just went to Smtown, I'm planning a vacation, going to disneyland and magic mountain.
4- No set day. What if it's on a weekday, I have school and work the next day.

I guess those are really the major issues. It will all boil down once they release the date. In the meantime here is their latest song.



  1. Those headbands are really pretty 8) <3
    Wow and they are so cheap! Do you live in the US? F21 prices are super marked up here...

    Totally agree with ya, since I discovered online shopping I haven't shopped much in real life hehe.

  2. New follower here :3
    The headpieces look really cute :) I would also like to find some nice ones, but it seems doomed in Sweden haha.. Have to check online! ^^ I'm so jealous of your hair!

  3. Really great haul :D
    I love those headbands and the jeans! Can't believe you got such great deals at F21, everything's usually super expensive at the one where I live D:

  4. Ahh, so cute! I wish we had a F21 over here! >__<

    If you end up going to the Big Bang ALIVE concert dskjfhjdkhfa you MUST blog about it! I don't know if they're going to come to Australia ;__;

  5. GAH. I am so jealous of you right now. I'm a HUGE VIP ahaha. I just came from a concert of a Japanese band in HK so I'm literally broke. There's no way I can afford both tickets to the U.S. AND tickets to the tour. Damnit.

    Also, F21 over here is so overpriced, so I still only end up buying when there's a super sale x_x

  6. i love the headbands! they are so adorable. must go to f21 now :P

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

  7. oh pretty girl monica! and I think you should go! I've heard great things about Big Bang's live tours! such a charismatic and enigmatic group they are, I'm sure you'll be a true blue VIP when you step out of the arena, please do consider! they are going to tour here in my country in october, i cannot wait! :D

  8. Eeep! It does seem like everyone is rocking these floral headbands, I should looked for them too when I was at the mall >< As for big bang, I think you are right for waiting for them to release their date =)

  9. Oh, I couldn't comment until now~ I love your haul! ♥ Makes me wanna order something from F21 too...
    OMG, so luckyy~~! K-pop bands never come to my country. ><


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