Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Etude House Shini Star Lip Balm

Hey guys!
Today I wanted to review this lip balm that from Etude House. If you are a reader of my blog you would know that SHINee is working as an endorser for the Korean cosmetic brand Etude House. They recently released a limited edition collection called "Shini Star" they releaded 5 lip balms, 1 BB cream, and two compact powders.
The lip balm I purchased was Taemin #5 which is the guava flavor (the one at the very bottom).

I think the packaging is very cute, it is pastel overload which I love, but I do find that sometimes is quite difficult to open it. The lid gets easily stuck. I think the color is beautiful, a pale pink. I find that most pale pinks look very weird on me because they make my pigmented lips look more purpleish, and this one complements my skin tone beautifully. It is also very natural looking. It does smell and tastes like guava!

It is very light, not sticky at all, but it wears off very fast. So it is definitely getting a lot of use. Here is how it looks on my lips

I recommended this lip balm, I think I will repurchase it again!



  1. awww! love it!
    wow! fantastic lips dear!
    kiss and hug

  2. So cute, I wanna try it too~~

  3. The packaging is super cute! ^__^ I love Etude House a lot, esp their cute cosmetics :D

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  5. So cute lip balm! etude house has lots of lovely item!
    Please visit my facebook page! you can have the latest Korean cosmetics,K-pop and Korean drama news! :)

  6. Hehe, that's funny that SHINee are endorsing such a girly lip gloss! :3

    However the color looks very pretty and I love guava, but guava products are so rare! Cute packaging too! ^^

  7. gorgeous color, i love the packaging too :)

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

  8. Not a fan of Kpop but these definitely caught my attention! The packaging is so adorable and the color looks great on you!

    Thank you for the review, I might just grab this the next time I pass by Etude House.

  9. hello Monica ❤
    i have nominated you for "One Lovely Blog" Award
    to grab it go here:

    kisses , byebye ~ ❤

  10. the lip balm is so cute, and it looks like it moisturizes well too!

  11. I think the entire line of Etude House (the one that SHINEE advertises) is pretty good. You should try their BB cream (if you haven't already)

    BTW, you have wonderfully pretty lips x_x It's odd saying that, but my lips look like huge banana balloons compared to yours haha.

    I've followed you. Care to follow back? http://ada-nikki.blogspot.com

  12. Guava flavored lip balm sounds really exciting.
    Yeah I've seen this line of product before and they look like a cuteness overload ^_^'

  13. Ahh awesome! I've just ordered Jonghyun's one and I'm waiting for that to come~~!
    I was actually going to order the Taemin one as well...maybe after seeing yours I might go back and get it as well! It looks so pretty! ^^

    1. i love jjong's color too, it's so lovely ♥


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