Friday, June 1, 2012

Geo Nudy Green

Hey guys!
So I made another purchase of circle lenses from I do like the Geo Angel Brown, but like someone commented on that review post, circle lenses are addictive, so I purchase the popular Geo Nudy in green. Here I am wearing them.

So I received, the Dariya hair velcro thing, and green elephants case. Somehow I had predicted that my case would be green since my the lenses are green, I guess it was just coincidence.

Brand: Geo Medical
Design: Nudy Green
Origin: Korea
Diameter: 14.0 mm
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Water Content: 38%
Lifespan: 1 year disposable

Here is what the look in the bottles.

Here is are some closeups.
outdoor light
indoor light

I think these lenses are so pretty. The limbal ring is not too thick which makes a bit more natural and more wearable for everyday, but it still give you a fair amount of enlargement. The color is also not too bright which I like, most colored lenses look kind of fake. Also, notice how my left eye in the bottom picture has that creasent moon shape at the bottom. I love the effect these lenses give. They were also super comfortable, I wore them for around 9 hours without any problem.

I would definately reccomend these lenses, I actually want to purchase another pair in blue. By the way pinkyparadise is having a sale, you buy 2 pairs and you will get another free pair with the code crazy2012.



  1. The green looks very nice on you.
    Yeah it is addictive but such a pain to put on.

  2. Your hair looks so nice! The green makes your skin look very glowy and flawless, it really compliments your skin!

  3. Oh wow! Those lenses look so natural on your eyes and compliments you so well.
    I agree though, buying circle lenses get's so addictive after a while :'( my poor wallet.

    Also I've tagged you on my blog, I wasn't sure if you did tags!

  4. nice green lenses also i love your cute lens case..≧^◡^≦

  5. love geo lenses!


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