Saturday, May 5, 2012

Etude House Missing U Bee Happy Hand Cream

Hey guys!
Not too long ago I purchased one of the Etude House's Missing U Handcreams. Etude House is a Korean brand with VERY cutesy packaging.

This particular product is endorsed by SHINee, and because I'm a SHINee fangirl I had to purchase this.
So the whole concept of the Missing U line consist of hand creams and a matching lip balm with packaging of an endangered species. Last year they had a penguin, dolphin, panda and some other animal I can't remember. This year campaign was about bees! They have the lady bug, the queen bee, the larva and the honey bee. The nice thing is that all of the packaging is made out of recycled materials and printed with soy ink, and part of the profits are donated to some charities to help prevent the extension of these animals.

So the one I purchased was the queen bee, because it was pink. It was smaller than what I had expected. I purchased it on's ebay, for a little over $10 USD. It smells really good, like roses. But I wouldn't recommended nor purchase it again.

One is for the germophobes, the cream comes in a jar. Obviously it will be easily contaminated if you hands are dirty, but it doesn't really bother me. The second reason is that the cream is not moisturizing at all. I don't have dry hands, but I feel like every time I apply this, the cream only sits on my hands and it doesn't get absorbed, more like it evaporates, and then my hands are dry.

Also, not sure if it's a good thing, but the cream is not liquid, it has a solid consistency.

Like I said, I'm not going to repurchase this. But at least the packaging is cute, and can recycle the packaging to store things.



  1. Wow! This is so cute~ : D But too bad it isn't very good!

  2. Woe!! really cute boxes! Thanks for talk about it! They looks incredible! surely i going to buy it someday!!! :D

  3. The packaging is soo cute :D it´s sad that that it doesn´t work :(

    check out my small giveaway if you like ;)

  4. omg SHINee endorsed this??? ok now i need to get some too! the packaging is also just too adorbs!

  5. Etude House is SO CUTE ♡ >< one of my fave brands, not even expensive! Thank you for the review~!

    + thanks for your comment, I'm following you from now on :) ♡ Your post about Dakotakoti was very interesting, I've always known that there is a dark side of her... It's pretty unfair because she has became so popular by editing her vids so much T.T

  6. aww, that's a pity! the packaging is so cute. hehe, i like shinee too! :D her whisper is my lucifer ;P xxx

  7. :( Lame that you didn't find the product very good. I love etude house packaging like you, but I find the products generally subpar. T_T;


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