Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Can Finally Unfollow

Hey guys
I'm just too happy I had to write. For over a year I haven't been able to unfollow blogs. You how blogger has the option of manage blogs you follow or something like that. Every time I would click on it, it would take too long to respond and in the end it would just give me an error message.

Now that Blogger is on a new interface  there is no "manage blogs I follow" link! Somehow I tried to look at one of the blogs I follow and that link appeared!

I'm so happy I can now clean my reading list. I've had this blogger account since 2008. So I've follow quite a few blogs along the way, and many of them are dead blogs that have not been updated in over a year, some are about things that no longer interest me. So why keep follow them? it only takes up space, and I might miss a blog update from a blog I truly love reading.

Anyways, I have an awesome haul coming up, and another circle lenses that might come in the mail this week. I'm so excited. Also SM Town is this weekend, I'm even more excited, but apparently they are not allowing cameras, how lame!



  1. aww i thought they never allowed cameras? :O

    1. really, i've never been to smtown before, but I've seen many fancams from the last two times they perfomed in the states.

  2. Oh wow you're so lucky to get to go!! :) I've always wanted to watch some of my favourite kpop stars perform live.


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