Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hauls and More Hauls

Hey guys!
So, I'm officially on summer break now. Which means I will have more time to blog, and do videos. Which makes me happy. College is so stressful, now that I'm in upper division classes have been getting so difficult and time consuming.  So here is this post summarizing most of the things I've bought recently. Here is an unrelevant photo. It is not recent, as you can see I was still in my old room.

Ok getting into the haul
H&M Lace romper.

This was pricey $35, but I had been looking for a pair or lace short for a very long time. So when I saw this romper I thought it was perfect, the only problem was that there were only 3 left in the store and the smallest size available was an 8. I'm usually a 4 or 6. So I just decided to try it on for just in case, and it fits so well!

SHINee and Girls' Generation Light sticks.

Because I'm going to SMTOWN in next week and I need to cheer lol. I bought these at for around $8 USD each.

New Kpop Albums

I bought SHINee "Sherlock", Girl's Generation "The Boys" and "Run Devil Run". I got this at, with free shipping!

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in Milk Chocolate

I would not usually pay $29 USD for a powder, but I had been looking for so long for a good bronzer. The problem with most bronzer is that they are orange, and I'm not trying to look like Snooki, and most of the times are too dark for my skintone, and I end up looking muddy and dirty, and this is perfect, it is a warm brown. It's a plus that it smells delicious!

T-strap Pink Shoes

I had seen this shoes at yesstyle a while back and wanted to buy them but they were sold out in my size. Shiro wrote an entry about buying this shoes and she was so nice to send me the ebay link where she got them from. I love these shoes, the heel is so tiny you can walk on these all day. They are comfortable too.

Ivory Wedges.

I got these at Kmart for only $25 USD!

Bow Suspender Tights

I got these at Asos for $14 and free shipping. I love the customer service, no other store is as fast as Asos, I received my order in 4 days! The bad thing about this is that they are "one size" so girls that are a little bit bigger might not fit in these.

Aquolina Pink sugar

I got this because it is my favorite perfume, and I'm running out of mine and had a 20% off coupon for Sephora.

Skin79 Vital  BB Cream (Orange Label) & Etude House Shini Star Lip balm in #5 Taemin

I bought these two at on ebay for aroung $22 USD. I wanted to try the Orange BB cream because it has higher spf than the Gold Label and Pink Label, and the Shini Star lip balm, well I'm just a fangirl, and anything that is advertised by SHINee I buy it! I got  Taemin's color because it was the one that appealed to me the most. Plus it has an autograph at the bottom of the pot!

New skincare products from Mexican Avon and Fuller.

I was able to get these because one of my coworker's son is married to a lady that sells Avon and Fuller from Mexico. It's all super mad cheap! I got the Avon Rejuvenate Night Sapphire Emulsion (this is the only product that is available in America), Avon Rejuvenate Glycolic Facial Treatment, Avon Solutions Hydra Illuminating Night Cream and Fuller Biowhite Clarifying hand cream. All of these for less than $30 USD.

So I think that's it!
If you want a review on something please let me know.



  1. lovely hauls you've got there!! I super agree on you with most bronzer have! It is quite difficult to choose the right bronzer for my skintone. the Too faced bronzer seems pretty promising, I want to try it too! Thanks for sharing ^_^~

  2. love the lace romper its so cute! and the tights are adorable! ^_^

  3. OMG you got the orange BB cream! I want one too :)

  4. I love your lace romper and those tights are adorable. You've made some great purchases recently.

    Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  5. i´m happy with your blog. Come to check out mine.

  6. The romper is adorable! I love H&M :)

  7. HI^^
    I love Japanese fashion and makeup.
    This is my blog.
    I would appreciate it if you could check it out and follow if you like it!
    Thank you so much.

  8. New reader right here! ^^ Your blog is seriously cute! :) Looking forward to read more.



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