Tuesday, November 1, 2011

YesAsia Haul

Hey guys!
Today's entry is a completely different topic. I recently placed an order on yesasia.com, the sister site of yesstyle, they basically sell entertainment from Asia. They have a ton of music, movies, dramas, and collectibles, even some jewelry. So I will tell you that I first discovered K-pop in 2009 a little before BoA debuted here in the states, but this year I have really been into K-pop.

Anyway, I ordered 2 albums... because I'm such a fangirl

Sorry for looking a little tired, I had just arrived from work.

So my albums arrived in this... no box, just a piece of cardboard wrap in a ton of bubble wrap.

Both albums I purchased are from the boy band SHINee. The one on the left is their 2nd album repackage which is called "Hello" and on the right their first album repackage "Amigo". Second picture is the back of the album

To be honest I was a surprised that both albums are just cardboard, there is no vinyl case like all the American albums, and the sizes are different too. Especially the packaging of "Hello" is just paper!, and only has a little sponge to hold the CD. But my respects for the booklet! Ever since the "saving trees" thing here in America became an issue. I've seen that albums would rarely have booklet that is over 8 pages, and forget about pictures, you would only get maybe 3 and that's including cover. But both albums are packed with pictures, the booklets are just beautiful.
here are some pics of "Amigo".These are some pictures from "Hello"So, honestly that's only half of the pictures on each of the albums. It's crazy because those are some of the individual pictures, there a more as a group and of course more individual. They include the lyrics (but they are on Korean which I cannot read) and as well as a "thank you section" for each member.

So reviewing the service. The site has free shipping on orders above $39 us. The standard shipping method offers no tracking no. and arrives between 4-10 working days. my package arrived on 6. It ships from Hong Kong. Prices are very reasonable compared to other sites. They basically cost the same as if you were buying an album from an American artist at any record shop. I plan on ordering more albums form there, I was very satisfied with the service.



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