Monday, November 7, 2011

Maybelline Baby Lips

Hey guys!

So, Maybelline Baby Lips is a sort of new product from Maybelline. I mean sort of new because the lip balms have been available in Asia for a while.

I only have one "pink punch" out of 6 available shades.

I currently have a good 8 lip balms go to through so I didn't see the need for more, and I was just too curious to try out at least one of them. So here is a photo of my bare lips.

So pink punch is a bright pink, and it's perfect for a hint of color. here is after applying the product.

I honestly love the color, is bright, but because it is sheer it looks flattering. The spf 20 is a plus. Not many lipbalms have high spf, many people do not find it important, but for me that my lips burn when I'm out and about it is very important.

It's cheap, around $3dlls, and there is a lot of product in the tube.
I do like them and recommend them for anyone who doesn't like lipstick, this wont your your lips feeling flaky and dry after it wears off.




  1. I always have issues with lipstick so I will be trying this product. It color is so pretty.

  2. great review... i was wondering about this product. sounds perfect for the winter!

    new outfit post-

  3. great review! luscious lips haha xx

  4. I love this product! I wear it all the time.
    Twitter @GlamKitten88

  5. It looks really natural and pretty! xoxoxoo

    1. It does! It comes in 6 creamy natural colors, and you can pick the ones that go with your face.

  6. I also have the Pink Punch! It's awesome!! It's like a really good lip balm that you can put as a lip foundation. It makes your lips really soft, and it gives a little splash of color, so you don't have to put on lipstick.

    GET IT!!! :D

    1. Well said! It's an amazing lip balm that makes your lips perfectly soft and smooth, which is what everyone is looking for nowadays. It has spf 20, which is great for sun protection. And the best part is that it conditions your lips while giving them amazingly natural tints of color, in all different shades. :)

      Best lip balm I ever tried! Totally recommend trying it! You can get it at special drugstores for only about $3.00! Super cheap! Get it now!!


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