Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shoes to Choose

Hey guys!
I'm actually not a shoe kind of person, but lately I've been drooling for some pretty pairs. So I'll show you guys some.

Glitter Toms $54
Ok, so I usually don't like the regular Toms because I think they look like slippers, but these are cute, I saw one girl on campus wearing them and inmediately fell in love with them, and I'm torn between the gold ones and the pink ones. I have a lot of pink clothes, but I feel like they are a little harder to pull off, but the gold ones can go with any outfit, especially if I wear all black.

Sam Edelman "Quinn" $149.95 (they are on sale at Nordstrom for $99.90)
Where do I even begin... these are so lovely. They are 5" tall, with a 1" platform, but because they are wedges they are easier to walk in. I would love to wear this with skirts and dresses they would look so dainty. If I were to buy this pair (which I doubt because I'm a broke college student) I would so get them in black, because I just love black shoes.

Madden Girl "Kaliie" $39.96 (on amazon)

Oh hello there!... I think I will order this ones. These I think are so gorgeous, despite the design being so simple. They would look amazing with shorts and skinny jeans. I think I could get away with wearing them during the winter if I wear black tights with them.

Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" $169

This shoes are just too expensive for my budget. But I love the way they look. They are 5" tall with a 2" platform. I know that GoJane carries a dupe for this shoes. I actually bought it, but I will return them for 2 reasons. One of them they are damaged and I have not worn them even once, the other being, I cannot pull them off.

Steve Madden "Cirkus" $99
They are similar to the JC Litas, but these don't go all the say up to your ankles. So I think it makes it easier to wear with skinny jeans. It's a 5" heel and 1.5" platform.

So those are the pairs that I've had my eye on.
Let me know what you think.



  1. I've seen the glitter Toms shoes all over my campus. I love glitter and those shoes aren't bad, but I seriously cannot get over how bad they look!

  2. hey , Monica .. Omg it sooo good to hear from you !! .. i swear i got all excited when i saw your comment ..i haven't been checking your blog in a while and now that i did i love it , it's so much better and i love your posts ..please keep me updated . and stop by every now and then . i hope you're doing well sweety .
    N. x

  3. I have seen a lot of girls in TOMS but I don't like it. In this cold weather I wouldn't wear them.
    Maybe summer time.
    Plus it's been raining a lot in NYC.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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