Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sephora Ultimate Dual Exfoliating Face Brush

I've always been a little bit curious if all my skincare products are working to their full potential. A lot of people who own a Clarisonic have said that it has made an enormous difference in their skin, and that paying $200 for the device was the best money they ever spent. However, I'm still in college, and $200 for me could mean a textbook for a class. So I know that buying a Clarisonic is currently not within my possibilities. Lately i have seen a lot of dupes for it. Even Olay is selling one for $30. So on a quest for a cheaper alternative I found this.It's the Sephora brand Ultimate Dual Exfoliating Face Brush. It's $18... I was initially going to buy one that is $4 from them, but I saw from several videos on YT that it was only good for a few uses since the bristles lost their shape. This brush is very interesting. One side has the soft bristles that are meant to removed the dead skin cells and the other side has tiny silicone bristles that deep clean your pores.So my thoughts?
I've had it for 3 weeks now, and have been using it every other day and I must tell you that I love it. My skin feel so much smoother after cleansing. The pink side just feels sooo good against my skin. Best of all the white bristles have not lost their shape and they are very soft. The brush is very study and even comes with a protective cap to keep the bristles away from dust!.

Definately recommend it!



  1. Thanks for this review! I've been meaning to find something for my skin for the past weeks now :) Like your blog, I'm now following you.

  2. whoa i love the look! i kinda like hesitance to spend on Clarisonic coz of the price. But if this one does a good job, i'd like to try it!

  3. Wow! Thanks so much for this review. I gotta say I've been looking for a Clarisonic dupe myself and I think I just might try it. My skin is really bad, so hopefully this helps. Thanks so much. Btw, I left you some awards over on my blog. :)

  4. Hi Monica, your blog name reminds me of Atomic Kitten you use the pink bristles after the brush? :)

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