Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cover Girl Simply Ageless Blushes

Hi guys!
Sorry for completely ignoring this blog, I've been extremely busy these past 3 weeks. But made a little time today to do this so here we go.

A while back at was at walmart (it was summer time) and I was looking for blushes because I wanted to get something different, saw these and though cute packaging, and immediately put it in my cart.
First thing i want to say that the packaging is horrible, it took me a while to first opened. the glass part is where the blush contained and you have to unscrew the pan, then the cap of the pan is just an useless empty space to hold a sponge. Anyways I got these 3 in numbers 200 (a peachy color) 220 ( a mauve color) and 230 (a cherry color). There was a another one 210 but it looked like a fusion of 200 and 230, did not liked the color as much.
I started to use this ones with the sonia kashuk flat top brush, and i have to say that it kinda hurt so i just opted to used them with my fingers. The colors are very pretty, although i wish they had one a pink, they only have 4 shades. As for the amount of product that these have is quite a lot, which is bad because if you don't used them frequently they will dried up, and then become completely useless.

They are super pigmented, but..... they don't blend as easily, you have to do one cheek at a time other wise the cream dried up and its impossible to blend it. Here are some swatches.

From left to right (200, 230 and 220)

BTW the white part of the blush is some Olay anti-aging cream, but is completely translucent, it will not shop up on your skin.

Price ranges from 10-13 Us dollars

Would I buys them again?
No... they are price and probably these will go bad on me before i get to used the whole thing up.


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