Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Fell in Love with a Girl... Maybe Two

This is about a month old. But I hadn't had a chance to post it here, and I had a lot of photos, and too much footage to select.

Anyways, I FINALLY, yes FINALLY was able to see Tegan and Sara live!
I've been a fan of theirs since 2004 (since So Jealous, which they played!), but never had the opportunity to see them because when they came to town their shows were in places for people over 21, or they were in a weekday and my parents wouldn't let me go. This year they came to town twice, but I wasn't able to make it to one of their shows because my car broke down those days and i had to pay the car, the repair, the plates, the insurance all in 2 weeks ( did i also mention that i had to pay rent?). I was broke.

So when I heard they they were coming to town on the honda civic tour I immediately got tickets, and was definitely in the top 5 best shows I've ever been to.

Unfortunately they weren't headlining the show (Paramore was the headlining band, they were great too). But I loved it! They are so cute in person, and their voice it's really cute, almost childish... they are so adorable I almost died, and they look so young... they are 30 years old!

They played the following songs: living room, bet it sung, so jealous, walking with a ghost, speak slow, on directing, the con, northshore, nineteen, hell, alligator, back in your head, and hop a plane.

Most of the photos i took didn't come off well because of the lighting, they use very dim lights in their show, and my camera sucks in low light conditions. Luckily we (my friend and I) were only 2 people away from the stage.

Still I want to shows you guys some pictures.

This is Tegan, and below is Sara

Hopefully when their do another tour in America i'll get to see them more, i'm planning on going to at least 2 shows. Cannot wait for their next album :)

Ironically i got amazing photos from Paramore, since they have some kick ass lightning.


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  1. I love tegan and sara, and paramore!
    Paramore is by far one of my favorite bands.
    And Tegan and Sara are just fantastic.
    I'm so jealous.

    Please check out my blog :) Thanks!


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