Monday, December 16, 2013

I Dyed My Hair

Hello lovelies!

As the title says I finally had the courage to dye my hair. My hair was virgin, I had never died it before except for the dip dye/ombre I did last year. But that was only on the ends of my hair.

I had been thinking about dying it for a long time. My natural hair color is light brown, people would always complement my color. Still I wanted to dye my hair at least once while I'm young. 

Natural hair color
I wanted to lighten my hair a bit, but I didn't want to use bleach. Last year I really damaged my hair trying to get platinum hair. So I did a little research and decided to use the Ion Permanent Creme Color High Lift Natural Blonde 12N. This hair dye can lift up to 5 shades. Warning: it stinks and it made my eyes burn even though they never came in contact with my eyes and didn't even used it on my eyebrows.

The instructions say to  mix 2 ounces of hair dye with 4 ounces of 30 or 40 volume developer. I used 30 because I didn't want to go too light.

The instructions say to leave it on for 50 minutes. I only did it for 15 because I saw my hair was light enough. This was the result.

Under fluorescent lights

natural daylight

I'm quite pleased since I wanted hair color similar to Lauren Conrad (not the ombre part)



  1. I love your natural hair colour but the dyed colour looks great too! I've always wanted light brown hair too but I feel like it'd fade away instantly.

  2. I really envy your natural hair color!!! It's what I've been trying to get but my black Asian hair makes it really difficult to achieve a light color without my having to resort to bleach -_______- The lighter color looks really good on you too!! Love it

  3. i like your natural hair color, its very beautiful ^^ i have black hair and i dont use bleach, usually just a cheap wallgreens hair dye in blonde and i leave it in for 1.5 hours and color will be lighter!

  4. Aw, your hair looks really nice that colour!! I really like it.

  5. I am sorry to say this, but I think your natural hair color looks better on you... I think it's the tone problem. You probably looks better in cold hair tone and you got a warm hair tone after dye...

  6. I love it your new color hair looks more pretty less dark more dolly, you new color hair remmember to me that the japanese gyaru models or from Popteen Magazine! I love it!

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  7. ooh nice color for your hair, it does look lighter! and ya the color def reminds me of those models in vivi!

  8. I love your new hair color. It looks wonderful on you. I dyed my hair quite a bit when I was younger but it has been years since I have changed its color.

  9. I really like that color, it's very natural and flattering :)

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

  10. I love the ombre part. Hehe! Anyway, you look fantastic! I'm actually afraid to dye my hair all by myself since I had experiences of damaged hair with the final results. I scheduled a visit at the salon this week, and I hope I'll get a nice result too. :)

    Sandra Ballard @ B2SALON.COM


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